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- About -

Juliana Bruno has a degree in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology from UC Santa Cruz, with graduate work in Education and a Certificate in Professional Photography from the New York Institute of Photography. She is most interested in street photography and has been working on a decade-long project exploring music festivals in California. “Currently I find the fans, and the community associated with, really beautiful and interesting. There is magnetism to it. Whether you resonate with the music or not, there is a pull and an energy. People are finding a connection. ” She also works with aspiring musicians putting together images for promotion and album art. Another current project is called [em]Powered which is in the development stage. She works with the non-profit, socialrefugees.org whose primary mission is to give those who are at risk, affected by, or suffering from issues associated with mental illness, suicide, or social shunning a voice. By connecting clients with artists in the field and through media, visual arts, music, and the spoken/written word; they help individuals develop a body of work and platforms for exposure. “It is a way of healing, both in the creative endeavor of immersing yourself in an art form and in the creation of a very deep and personal statement about your life and your view of the world. It can be very affirming to share your thoughts with others in a place of support and understanding.” Juliana has been an avid runner participating in marathons and half marathons. She is very active and often says it is her form of mediation. “A long run is hard because it is such a mind game. You find yourself analyzing your life, who you are, and if you are capable. It is a little lesson in Zen; you have to be at peace with a challenging situation. Out there at mile 22 nothing is comfortable, or easy, or stable, or free but you find a balance between your imagined joy of finishing and the current pain you are feeling. This allows you to press on even though the finish is not yet in view.” She is a surfer and loves taking her camera out on the ocean because it is a way of exposing people to the environmental issues impacting our waterways. “I guess I am a bit of an activist. I am interested in making things better, in doing good work; in learning and sharing what I have learned. I believe we can make a difference, I have seen it first hand. I am a believer in human spirit and in the positive endeavors that create change with the intent of something positive.” Juliana has lived all over the country and currently resides in Ventura, California. She enjoys being creative, surfing, running, hiking, swimming, music, nature, travel, and being with friends and family.

- Previous Jobs -

  • ART (BOOKS ARTS, INTERDISCIPLINARY, INTERMEDIA ARTIST) Lecturer with the Potential Security of Employment (LPSOE) Academic / Education
  • Assistant Professor position in Art - Computational Crafts and Haptic Media Academic / Education