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Digital AiR community created by digital artists and creators for digital artists. We are launching a DA Academy, an educational resource to give more artists and creators an opportunity to gain knowledge of digital creation in the realm of contemporary art. Together we raise topics of working with new technologies and implementing cultural theory into digital artworks. 

Blender Intro into 3D – An Artistic Perspective is designed to give students an overview of Blender’s main tools and possibilities, using this 3D software to create professional images for artistic and other purposes. 

3D Scanning and Post-processing for Animation, Printing, and Game Engines provides understanding of preparation and post-processing to ensure 3D scanned objects accuracy, quality, and usability for creative purposes.

Creating virtual Exhibitions and Experiences with 8XR students will learn how to plan an exhibition using industry-standard design tools, turn your floor plan into a 3D virtual gallery, being able to customize every single detail, and engage the audience via online virtual exhibitions, virtual reality, 3D virtual spaces. 

8XR is an innovative browser-based game engine that allows you to create interactive virtual experiences with numerous features and tools. It is particularly accessible and the results run cross-platform on desktop PCs, smartphones and VR glasses.

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5 to 10 weeks
Monday, January 29, 2024
560-980 EUR
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DA Academy

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