Depth Movement Intensive with Edivaldo Ernesto




‘This is an intense, dense group dynamic class for dancers. It is about energy, about constantly challenging your limits. This is to gain understanding of what defines you as a dancer and pushing those boundaries over and over again. Allowing the environment to influence your dancing skills, refining tools to create new movement qualities and new rhythms. Digging deeper inside the range of your own personal dance vocabulary, becoming anyone or anything. Working with partnering, multi- directional micro- narrative movement, and transforming as a whole group. Learning how to be  unpredictable, how to recycle energy and how to use the body as your primary tool. I guarantee a new process of study in which I go, as a teacher and guide, parallel to your learning process and make you take the step of digesting the work, to get to a completely new level. ‘

This workshop is limited to 15 participants. Edivaldo comes with the aim to go even deeper than is possible when working within a big group. He wants to leave more time and space to guide the dancers attentively, on a personal level enabling all to go further with the strength of energetic movement.


3 weeks
Monday, August 17, 2020 to Sunday, September 6, 2020
1900 € in total. (Workshop 1135€, 3 meals per day and accommodation 765€.)

Host & Provider:


Au Brana Cultural Centre

32500 Pauilhac