Leslie Helpert | Music and Voice Educator/Multi-artist/Composer-Performer/System Designer | Brooklyn | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Brooklyn
Industry: Creative Direction
Professional Title: Music and Voice Educator/Multi-artist/Composer-Performer/System Designer
Specialties: Music, Illustration, coaching

- About -

I've written over 1,000 lyrical and instrumental compositions-- supplementing my work as a writer of wide idioms, an editor, producer, recording artist, content curator, illustrator/graphic artist, researcher, system designer, and international vocal and expression coach. I've helped main-stage TED speakers earn 2 million views and Eurovision winners find their voice. I direct voiceover, score film, both for commercial and indie purposes. I have organized health and wellness events and performed in over 300 venues. I have managed many artistic productions, including three government funded grants. Project management, branding and general working efficacy is my passion. In the world of the creative, expressive arts and therapies, I find ease and natural ability. My work modality is based on holistic and well-balanced principles, but by nature I produce output with fast turnaround. I have great ammunition for executing collective vision and high-pressure projects.