Madeline Maser | Freelance Artist, Stylist | Okoboji | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Okoboji
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Freelance Artist, Stylist
Specialties: Abstract painting, abstract illustration, realistic drawing

- About -

After living in Chicago for 6 years right out of high school, and then NYC for another six, I am currently taking a reprieve from the city life and have returned to my hometown of Okoboji, IA to take a breather from all the hustle and bustle. I love to draw, paint and collage, and my work tends to have a dark flair about it. I have taught children's art classes sporadically throughout the years, and have also worked as a Jr. Art Director at the ad agency Walrus in NYC, and have designed many pieces for background art in various Netflix/Marvel shows, as well as the USA Network show Falling Water, and an upcoming series (unnamed as of now) starring Sarah Silverman. I am also a lover of comedy, and have performed sketch comedy and improv since my senior year of college. I wish I could do stand up but just never had the knack for it, but have befriended many stand up comedians which makes up most of my social circle. I love going on random adventures in NYC with my best friend Bex, but now that I'm in Iowa for the moment, I've been trying to stay in a peaceful state of mind and focus on nature, family, and meditation. I fit right in in Bushwick, Brooklyn, but am quite an odd duck in my current town, which makes it almost even more fun to be the way I am. I also love fashion, and have been a stylist and model dresser for various photoshoots and runway shows.