Announcing the Winners of the ArtJobs's " Artist of the month" August 2020



Announcing the Winners of the ArtJobs's " Artist of the month" August 2020
After receiving submissions from hundreds of artists, we are delighted to announce the following winning artists of this month. The winners are: 

Nissan Leviathan ( Givataiym, Israel )
Barbara Krupp ( Vero Beach, United States )
Yuliya Yasenetska ( New York, United States )
Marina Rayzuki ( Berlin, Germany )
Minju Kim ( London, United Kingdom )

Special Award
Peter Homan ( Dublin, Ireland )
Stephen Glassman ( Venice, United States )
Silvia Perramon Rubio ( Milan, Italy )
Miriam Kruishoop ( Los Angeles, United States )
Ommery De Zutter ( Ghent, Belgium )

The winners is now available for viewing on the Art Jobs website

" Artist of the month " aim to showcase innovative and contemporary artworks from established and emerging artists throughout the world. supported by ArtWeek, winners are provided with worldwide exposure, by having their work promoted through ArtJobs marketing and the social media channels. It is our intention to help today's artists to market their art works to worldwide audience. and to promotes and connects new, emerging and established artists with collectors and gallerists.