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"The Night Beauty" are a series of photographs of the flora at the night time. Plants, trees and floral landscapes are the most challenging and my favourite night time subjects. Capturing the low light on the plants and flowers sometimes from the street light, a window or the moon, creates a surreal effect on the floral landscapes and plants in the night time. Being an artist, the camera is just another tool to create. The work attempts to highlight and brings out the normally overlooked and undervalued beauty of flora in the night time  The idea is to work with limitations, limitations brought around by the environment and the shortcomings of the equipment. Its these limitations that make it happen, the work produced is therefore the child of these limitations . 

The flowers on the window sill shone by a dim light coming from the window.
The glow on the leaves at night time by, seeping through the trees by a street lamp further away.
A surreal floral landscape at night time.
The beautiful effect created by a few seconds delay of flash light on the plants at night time.
A flower shop in Germany at midnight, with some light seeping through the night lamp in the shop.

Janki Dodiya is photographer, mixed media artist and a scientist currently based in Germany. Janki's art, just like scientific research, is a tool to understand and experience the subject, be it a part of the tangible world or an intangible concept to be comprehended. Most important part of her process is the exploration and selection of the right medium to convey and express the subject in focus, which she hopes leads to the a step closer to experience and comprehension of the subject. 

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