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UNITED, 2020,these self-portraits photography is a celebration to diversity. 

Yes we are black and yes we are white. Even if we are both so different, born on opposite sides of the planet, we both started from one single cell. This is a pretty simple statement that NO ONE should ever forget or underestimate. Diversity should always exist and should always remain. The fusion of it should always lead to beauty, progress and evolution and not the opposite. We are here to listen, to help educating through our art. It’s important we continue to put an effort on educating ourselves so that we can all change the present and the future by unlearning the negative influnces of the past. The fusions of cultures, colours and minds are the secret to progress and we all deserve to LIVE under the same sky united with respect and tolerance.

Carol and William self portrait, 2020
Our hands, 2020
William by Carol, 2020
Carol by William, 2020
United by NTTS, 2020

No Time To Sleep (NTTS) is an art Direction Duo from London UK, created by the Nigerian/Italian William C. Ogbebor and Italian Carol Vandanesi.

Carol is a creative and business woman moved to London in 2012 and William a photographer also moved to London only a year after.

They both met for the first time in 2017 at their workpalce in London and while starting to build a strong artistic connection from the eraly days it's only in 2019 that they decided to be partners and forming NTTS.

NTTS is their way to create editorial and creative content that enables them to continue to explore and share their vision.

Through their self-produced work they aim to collaborate with other creatives and brands out there, to increase thier visibility and build a network of individuals ready to open their minds and give them a space to express themselves.


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