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Francesco Gallé

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Brewed espresso serves as an organic component and it is used alongside my traditional materials and paints. Bringing two major icons of Italy together in one body of work. The major icons of Italy, with their beloved espresso.

Monica Vitti in espresso and ink

Galle’s work demonstrates a commitment to the simplicity of life.  

Brewed espresso serves as an organic component to that interpretation.  It is used alongside his traditional materials and paints. Galle’s large and passionate volume of  fine art work surrounds the teachings of the poet Rumi again married with the organic elements of espresso in addition to paint. The elongated illustrated characters Galle is best known for are viewed through a playful lens.  They express for Galle his views on expanding the human spirit through life’s experiences.

This philosophy is practiced parallel to his creative endeavors. Galle is a Seiki teacher who has dedicated his life to the study of energy.  His work is about serving as a conduit with the flow of energy from the Universe. Influenced by his many teachers, most notably Master Kishi who instilled in Galle how NOT to think when engaging in his creative work.  Galle recognizes ones surrender does not compromise the undertaking of the work but rather empowers it. Relinquishment evokes something very inspiring and natural for Galle.

Another influential teacher of Galles’ is Master Kioko and his teachings on the manipulation of energy.   When one needs to be ushered into a mood, a reflection or a general place it can be done carefully.   Galle uses this same technique creatively by understanding his mediums, the subject matter and subconsciously causing the observer to react. Galle unconsciously and consciously calls on this technique to ground himself and let the flow of energy and the Universe guide him in both his illustrations and paintings. 

Chi Gong, meditation, Zen Shiatsu amongst other energetic techniques in energy are all employed methods Galle uses in all of his work.

A graduate of George Brown college, Galle studied at the Zen Shiatsu Institute  in Toronto as well as in Hamburg with Master Kishi and Frankfurt with Koiko.

Galle has received several commissions from Publishers such as Random House for Canada as well as being the sole illustrator in the award winning book “Wanda’s Pies in the sky”.  His work has been featured by internationally renowned interior decorator Chapman Design Group for an installation in Manhattan, New York.  He created the Commedia Dell’Arte poster for the Gardiner Museum in Toronto and is responsible for illustrating CD covers as well as several wine labels for Vitticcio Winery and Fattorial La Loggia Winery in Italy.  He is represented in private collections throughout Canada. 

Born in Italy Francesco has spent half his life living between Canada and Italy. Currently Francesco Galle resides in Toronto.




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