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Christina Heurig

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My photography and fine art mainly originates in the exploration of the self - and (self - ) identity. Embracing my naturally dark, beautiful and eerie inner visual voice, I stage and compose portraits and still life images, that use techniques of surrealism. Often, the main technique includes distorting and mystifying objects, people and atmospheres, by using glas, lenses, image manipulation or symbols to enrich the image. My believe is: manipulating the image plays with the realism of the subject and makes another layer of reality visible.

The main motivator to create images is my need to deal with feelings, memories and contemplative thoughts through a katharsis - like state of mind. I am very fascinated by spirituality, rituals, the magic of transcendence and therefore highly inspired by folklore, fairytales, phantasy stories and overall - magical things that trigger thoughts and imagination. 

A poem about faith
Sometimes, we believe in things that are already dying. This personal portrait is both catharsis and poetry: This image symbolizes a person trying to nurture what is long gone, while hoping to bring it back to life: isn't that what blind faith stands for?
The bird song
Surreal photo manipulation of a fashion portrait. We all try to be beautiful birds - but is it worth losing our voice?
The only dreamers left alive
The twin syndrome
Catarsis selfportait while suffering from bipolar hysteria moments. How does it feel like to suffer from mental issues, how does mental pain look? A psychodelic atmosphere image, shot through a magnifying glas.

Christina Heurig is a mainly self-taught art director, photographer and set designer based in Berlin/Germany and Switzerland. She graduated 2017 as communication designer with her book experience project 'Der Sandmann'. Her work focuses on fine art and portrait photography, building miniature models for puppetry theatre and animation movies, as well as set design for theatre and movie scenery / production design. Essentially, she uses dark beauty, surrealism, mystery and phantasy elements to illustrate and explore emotional or cognitive layers of the soul.



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