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Empowerment, resistance, rebellion, protection, mystery, invisibility, negligence, discrimination - the concept of anonymity touches a wide spectrum of subjectivities that profoundly affects the perception of our own and others’ identities.

Sometimes a conscious choice, other times a forced imposition, the state of being anonymous directly reflects the political and social forces within any paradigm, thus making it intrinsically related to the field of design and its subsequent impact.

As we explore the forces that shape and motivate the connections between design and identity, anonymity represents a way to read and write the future of individual and collective action in design.

The first issue of projektado magazine: anonymity in design, aims to investigate, question and open new perspectives on authorship, ownership and belongingness, aiming to further responsibilise and enrich the dialogue, influence and output of this profession.


We are looking for contributions that respond to the theme of anonymity in design, from both within and around the field of design.

We are open to consider any approach that may be used to respond to this brief, as we encourage contributors to be creative and experimental in their submissions.

We accept written articles, visuals (including illustrations, videos, animations, photography, collage), audios, interactive pieces, games and any other media that can be published online.

The common language of projektado is English, but we welcome accompanying multilingual contributions.

Our editorial process is based on the understanding of each piece as a dynamic and iterative conversation with our contributors. For this reason we adjust our approach based on individual submissions, and remain available and interested throughout the process to maintain an open dialogue with each contributor.


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