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UA/UK Art Business School 2021

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Within the Art Business School, experts and practitioners will conduct a joint educational school, international panel discussions, create a Guide for the art industry and formulate proposals to improve the regulatory field and rules of the Ukrainian art market and publish a collection of analytical articles in Ukrainian and English. The project will provide art entrepreneurs, artists, cultural workers and cultural operators with up-to-date knowledge, practical cases from the British art market and advice from leading industry experts.

Art Business School will be divided into 5 panels on current issues in the art industry:
1) The state of the art market before and after the pandemic / Denis Belkevich (Ukraine), David Bellingham (UK);
2) East-West: the inclusion of Ukrainian art in the Western art market / Olena Grabb (Ukraine), James Butterwick (UK);
3) NFT, Blockchain and crypto projects / Anastasiia Gliebova (Ukraine), Fanny Lakubay (UK);
4) Digitization and online art market / Olga Simson (Ukraine), Leili Sreberny-Mohammadi (UK);
5) Sale of art abroad: tax and customs issues / Alina Plyushch (Ukraine), Henry Lidiate (UK).

During each panel, there will be two lectures and a professional discussion on the topic, as well as Q&A with Ukrainian and British experts, which can be joined by anyone. Art Business School will take place online from October 9 to November 6 every Saturday. Professionals from the art industry with previous experience in the field will be selected to participate directly in the school, and everyone will be able to join the viewing of broadcasts of Art Business School events. Participation in the school is free. Applications for participation in Art Business School are selected until October 1.

The project will be supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the British Council.


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