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Tomorrow Mourning: An Archive of Disabled Grief





Tomorrow Mourning: An Archive of Disabled Grief is calling for submissions for a digital archive, zine and ongoing art project centering disabled grief. As disabled people/people with chronic pain or illnesses, we often confront feelings of loss relative to our changing bodies, capacities, and the uncertainties surrounding them. Our grief is wild and multifaceted, for the vestiges that make-up our multiple identities, and the material objects that embody them- Objects that bring us solace, couch our mourning, fill our days, or offer us a temporary out from the trauma of medicalization, objects that, for one reason or another, our disabled bodies cannot always interact with in the ways we may have done/wanted to continue doing.


We would like to create a homage to disabled grief, in all its messy, wilting, abounding, aching glory; collective crip combinations of mourning and celebration, taken back from the abled gaze.


We invite all disabled folks interested to contribute objects symbolizing what disabled grief means – to them. This could be related to a hobby/interest, phase of life, a mobility aid, and so on. Maybe your wrist gave out, and knitting is no longer on the table? Show (or send) us your needles. Maybe you displaced one joint too many and your roller derby days are over? We want to see your skates. 


Folks interested are welcome to send physical objects (by post, spoon permitting and if safe to do so), pictures/photographs or other art forms and representations (whether by post or digitally). You are welcome to send pictures/objects/other submissions as stand-alones, or to include some text telling us about yourself (and your disability, if desired), your chosen object, and what it means to you. You can indicate in your submission whether you want your submission archived as is or used in an art piece, made by @fierce_invalids, that will be the keystone of the collection. You can submit work or find out more at the application form

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