Guest Room: Damarice Amao & Matthias Pfaller

Guest Room aims to spark collaboration. Damarice Amao, associate curator for photography at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, has decided to team up with photography historian and curator Matthias Pfaller. Together, they have developed the following framework for your submissions: “Empathy”.

"We are looking for work that explores current politics and poetics of relation, among and across different communities, species, and the environment."

Radical Empathy: wendy.network's New Open Art Call

Dear community,

We’re looking forward to our call for artists framing the topic of:


Why did we choose this topic and where does it come from?

As you may know, the KONJUNGATE project is based on my cyber novel MACHFELD, written in 1999. One of the main characters of this book is Wendy, a fascinating person, who works as an agent for Satoshi NAKAMOTO. On the one hand, she is smart and full of empathy for the cultural conflicts of different extra-galactic forms of life – which is a central part of the novel – and on the other hand, she has a secret job to do that goes against her personal convictions. In addition, she is the eponym of our network.

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