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One Minute on Happiness

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SEA Foundation x The One Minutes
One Minute on Happiness
- Deadline 01.03.2022
We are looking for one-minute digital moving image submissions by artists and visual storytellers on the theme of happiness. What does happiness look like and what power does it hold? Is it something personal or rather collective? Can happiness be integrated into future politics or in sustainability for example? Can happiness make you unhappy?

This open call is for artists and filmmakers who reinvent and explore new approaches regarding the concept of Happiness.

What are you applying for?

20 One Minutes will be selected for four screening events, in March/April 2022. The sets will be shown on a live screen at SEA Foundation and parallel online via Vimeo. The events are promoted through the social media platforms of SEA Foundation and The One Minutes Foundation.

The screening of One Minute on Happiness is part of SEA Foundation’s long-term programme on Art and Sustainability, that features four-month themes called ‘folds’. The previous folds have been on Empathy, on Commons, and the current one is fold #03 on Happiness. 

Learn about The One Minutes projects: www.theoneminutes.org

What is important?

Submission deadline: 01.03.2022.

The selection board consists of The One Minutes and SEA Foundation members.

The selected works are announced by 08.03.2022.

Screening dates are from 11 March, for four consecutive Fridays at 6:30 pm-11 pm.

The open call is open to artists, video and filmmakers from all around the world.


The work explores (new) approaches to the concept of Happiness.

The length of the video is exactly 1 minute. Incomplete and/or late submissions will not be taken into consideration.

Any language with audio is accepted. In case the language of the film is not English, the film must have English subtitles. 

Entrants declare that the film submitted is their own and that its public screening rights have not been transferred to third parties.

How to send us your application

Submitting is done digitally, via this link: www.theoneminutes.org/participate 

Prize Summary: 
Online and offline screening of your work
Prizes Details: 

Selected works will be screened online and offline at SEA Foundation, during four screening events in March/April 2022. Also promotion through social media platforms of SEA Foundation and The One Minutes Foundation. Your film will be added to The One Minutes archive.


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Alternative Night of Experimental Film

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An Alternative Night of Experimental Film is inviting submissions of short experimental films and moving image works that will compose the programme of an informal screening in an alternative music venue in Kingston upon Thames, London.

We are particularly interested in works by emerging filmmakers and artists based in London; the aim of the event is to create a platform for conversation and networking for those who are exploring the alternative creative paths through experimental cinema.

The theme is generally open but we are strongly interested in works that explore various aspects of human experience, including identity, culture, and perception, looking to present a programme comprising of diverse voices and original visions.

Additionally we encourage submissions of works that use music, sound design, or dance as a significant element. As the films will be presented in a small music venue we are hoping to create a space for networking between individuals working with film, sound, and music, and to encourage future collaborations.

We are aware of limitations of access and challenges of both the film industry and the art world and our mission is to support the emerging talent in the field of moving image as a multidisciplinary endeavour, creating a community that provides space for growth and mutual encouragement.

If you’ve ever had to explain what you do to someone only familiar with narrative and mainstream filmmaking, and found yourself saying: “I make weird and meaningful short films” you should submit to our showcase.

Awards & Prizes

This is a non-competitive showcase of the best recent short experimental films with informal networking opportunities.

Rules & Terms

Films should be no longer than 15 minutes.

We encourage submissions from students, recent graduates, or those without formal film education.

Films have to be in English language or be subtitled in English. All films with dialogue are asked to provide a subtitle file.

Films should not be older than 3 years (should be produced after January 2018).

Currently we will prioritise submissions from filmmakers based in London who will be able to attend the screening event. In the future, along with the development of the festival's platform we would like to open up to other UK-based and international submissions.

Date and location of the screening:

Wednesday 25 August 2021

The Fighting Cocks Bar & Venue, 56 Old London Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 6QA


Best short experimental films by London-based emerging creators. We invite everyone interested in film, art, and music to come and meet like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere. Promoting conversation, celebrating creativity, and building a supportive community around alternative filmmaking are our aims. An opportunity to watch the most impactful recent moving image works which explore identity, culture, and perception through experiments with image and sound. Stay with us after the screening and meet potential future collaborators, or just make friends.

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non-competitive showcase

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Open Call for Films and Music videos: Vinilonga Short Film Festival



Vinilonga is a film festival run by filmmakers for filmmakers! A new cinematic endeavour based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, The Vinilonga Film Festival offers emerging and established talent alike a dynamic space in which to showcase their own unique projects. With events taking place both online and in cultural hotspots across South America, the festival also affords audiences the opportunity to experience a wealth and diversity on storytelling beyond the remits of mainstream cinema.

We like to imagine ourselves as a conceptual costume party, in which a different theme or topic serves as a sort-of cinematic dress-code for each of our editions. With a new instalment of the festival held every three months, each programme contains fifteen short films carefully selected from a rolling pool of submissions in order to fit the brief for that particular season.

So whether your interests lie in fiction, documentary, video-dance, video-poetry, experimental film, animation, or a combination of these elements, we encourage both domestic and international participants to utilise whatever means or methods they see fit when submitting their short film or video-clip for our consideration.

With our curatorial criteria based around finding unique perspectives on contemporary issues, including stories and styles and values we don’t typically observe in the mass-media, our aim at Vinilonga is to integrate a plethora of creative voices from across space and culture into a unique cinematic ensemble. In presenting the best-possible stories told over a mere matter of minutes, we hope not only to illuminate what separates us as artists but what unites us as human-beings

Prizes Details: 

Audience award

- Will receive a digital poster of the film made by our graphic designers' team

All submitted films will be considered for future editions of our festival AND partner festivals


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
from 4 USD
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