LUBICA - Lucca Biennale Cartasia is the most important event celebrating Paper as an artistic and architectural means worldwide. It takes place every two years in the city of Lucca, Tuscany. Founded in 2004, LUBICA made a pledge to promote tradition, culture, sustainability, and innovation. Its 12th edition will take place in 2024, marking 20 years of activity.

LUBICA aims at bringing together and offering inspiring new opportunities to artists who are looking for a challenge, want to “educate about beauty”, take care of the Other, and are willing to think outside the box to come up with new points of view.

The Man

pimcomedy presents , The Man.   An art show in New York City.  Physical and online.  Showing work, New York City exhibition.  Art talk , art exhibition , helping end child trafficking. The story of The Man.  Working for corporate, and I had a satanic boss.  He tried to get me fired.  He was an evil man.  He tried to steal all my accounts.  At the end of the day, I ran away from Corporate.  Group art show, group art talks, new york city.  New media, art chatting, creating new connections.  New contacts.  International show too.  IG: ,  Jan 17 and Jan 24 shows.  Pimcomedy 


OPEN CALL FOR art, fashion and design creatives


15-19 DECEMBER ’22



HAZE BAZAAR is a NEW contemporary art, fashion and design festival and platform, that presents small businesses and individuals that sell products and limited edition pieces. The 2022 Winter Edition will provide a platform for purchasing directly from a creator focusing on personal communication and visual and tactical exchange.  The art fair features paintings, sculptures, photography art, clothing, design objects, books, vintage, jewelry etc.


SerformanceP - International Performance Art Exhibition in São Paulo

Since 2015, SerformanceP promotes the production and enjoyment of performing arts in different formats. Annually, artists from around the world show their creations in an exhibition in São Paulo, a cultural and countercultural hub in the global south.

For this year, between November 4 to 6, friday to sunday, a weekend, we're promoting the interface between performance and the fashion and sustainability. Please think about it when send your proposal. You may participate online, with gifs and videos, or on-site, in São Paulo- Brasil. Deadline October, 20.
We're programmed to present your art at a special projection night with live performances or with a live-performance from your place via instagram or here in the streets of our city.

BUBBLEGUM X Daily Paper: fashion open call | intern at Daily Paper

BUBBLEGUM X is an initiative by Bubblegum Club and The Bubblegum Foundation aimed at advancing Africa’s ever growing cultural influence in global creative scenes.

This, as a means of leveraging and transforming this expanding cultural and artistic influence into developing sustainable creative industries on the African continent, and fostering creative businesses that operate beyond our continental borders.

Each year the Bubblegum Foundation will use its resources to realise initiatives that support and develop creatives across Africa. The first of these being an annual International exchange programme for creatives from the continent.

Wearables Open Call

ART 321 invites artists to submit up to 3 full ensembles or 4 individual pieces. Works will be displayed as an exhibit on mannequins before and after the fashion show. Photos of modeled work and short native about the pieces are welcome alongside the exhibit. Traditional wear, fashion, costumes, jewelry are all accepted! Have a question on what you can enter? Email! We invite the artists to include a short narrative (3-10 sentences) on how does what you wear express your cultural and or creative identity?

Artists are invited to participate in the Fashion Show April 7th at 6pm. More details will be provided as the date grows closer.


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