Adventure Filmmakers Workshop 2021 | ONLINE


The Adventure Filmmakers Workshop is an exceptional chance for independent and emerging filmmakers to advance their skills under the guidance of two of the world’s premier and proven adventure filmmakers. During this 4 week online program, participants will learn insider skills to hone their craft, strengthen their narratives, interact online with fellow filmmakers during group critique sessions, and will receive guidance on small independent projects throughout the course.  Guest speakers will provide expertise in the areas of storytelling, audio, editing and social media marketing. 

What does the program offer?


We here at SIILK GALLERY are looking for photographers from all walks of life from around the world to exhibit works as part of group shows at Berlin's "The Publisher" on Torstraße.

Each exhibition will consist of a 4 week running program with an opening night and pop up events throughout the month at our collaborative space from October 2020 until March 2021.

Info about the gallery:

Altered Images

Altered images is a spontaneous space for experimental film production, videoart, installations and live music. The festival aims to showcase silent or sound movies that are open to a sound reinterpretation.
Our showcase is open to artists all around the world whose works have an experimental and innovative character.
Its goal is to create forthcoming events of live music, projections and art installations where people can enjoy the show in a relaxed and friendly environment within the London warehouse scene (UK). We’re looking for brave and risky filmmakers, who enjoy exploring the sounds and the different touch other artists can provide to their images.

Dare to Dance in Public's SIX FOOT DISTANCE DANCES

 Dare To Dance in Public Film Festival challenges you to….  

SIX FOOT DISTANCE DANCES: Making the Private Public

- How do we dance in isolation… and how do we connect?

- How do we create relevance dancing in the privacy of our own homes?

- What do we feel while being physically limited by an invisible enemy?

In the face of COVID 19 we refuse to be stopped… If anything, our creativity should be amplified!

So we challenge ourselves and we challenge you...

Festival of Cinema NYC accepting entries for their 2020 poster design contest!

Right now the world is on hold and the future seems uncertain during these unpredictable times. However, the team at Festival of Cinema continues to remain positive and optimistic that we will defeat this and that we as a species will come out of it triumphant.

In the spirit of being an organization that brings art and culture to our society, we encourage all our friends, followers, families, filmmakers and artists alike to get innovative. We want you make the best of your time while fulfilling your duty to stay inside and help flatten the curve.  


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