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Seeking Artists: Fashion Week

the set nyc presents : Fashion Week.  The Cabal.   The art show helps end child trafficking.  Helping children and families.  Show work, expose your work, connect with new people and buyers and new contacts. Our IG: , located in New York City and online , helping a great cause.  Supporting kids and children and families. Making NYC and the world better.  Have your work seen by new people.  Positive feedback and sales and new contacts.  Hosted by PimComedy (designer ).  Avant garde show, weird and strange , non main stream.  New contacts and love

"First step" - A multidisciplinary Zine

After a long pandemic that is still ongoing, it's time to take a small "first step" towards something new. The theme of our Zine's first issue is called  "First step" for a reason. We don't want to focus on isolation and quarantine anymore, we want to celebrate creativity in its nascent form. "First step" is open to any interpretation. It could mean the first poem you wrote, the first picture from a larger project, the first time you tried a new technique and succeeded, or even the first words from your novel. We want to encourage you to share your creation with confidence.

We accept the following formats: photography, painting, design, sculpture, poetry, and short essays. 

Open Call For Online Exhibition

“Marvelous Art Gallery” is looking for International Artists to fill our 2021 online exhibition schedule! In these strange times, we’d like to start a digital project around the work that people are making in their artistic isolation. It's free to entry and easy! All visual art supports are acceptable (painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, digital, prints ) with the exception of sound and video arts. Submit your art to be a part of an online exhibition.

There is no limit to the number of images an artist can submit. Please visit the website to submit your images:

Seeking Artists : NYc

The set nyc seeking artists , fine arts , exhibitions helping end child trafficking. Helping the kids , located in néw York City . Online and virtual , helping others . Protecting the kids ! Love , in néw York city . Bring joy and art to others ! Exhibition in néw York city , city of dreams . Improve art resume , hosted my designer PimComedy , high fashion , the work ! Http://


The cause , helping the kids ! Love

Go BIG Or Go Home! – Large Works Show at JCO’s Art Haus

A BIG opportunity is knocking. Will you answer? 

What if we bought couches to match our artwork, instead of the other way around? 

What if a painting could redefine the way we think about our homes?  

What if bigger really is better…? 

At JCO’s Art Haus, we think we should; we think it can; and we think it is.  

Our clients are calling for BIG change, and they’re looking for bigger work than ever before. This Fall, JCO’S Art Haus is calling for room-defining art: works must be four feet long or wide, minimum. Let’s make a statement, shall we? 

Scorpians on the Earth

the set nyc presents:  Scorpians on the Earth.  Helping end child trafficking.  Curated and produced by PimComedy.  Our mission is to help the kids. Helping end child trafficking.  Help bring safety and love into the world.  #endchildtrafficking.  Showcase art work and fashion designs.  Loving others.   Sell work. Connect with new people!  #endchildtrafficking, located in Manhattan.  Curated by PimComdy - McQueen inspired with Chanel.   Show your work in Manhattan. Connect with new people.


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