Hong Kong International AR Art Fair 2024

Hong Kong International AR Art Fair 2024

Showcase Your Art at Hong Kong International AR Art Fair 2024. All selected artist will have a chance to showcase your work at the Metaverse and in Hong Kong AsiaWorld Expo.

Exhibition (Both Virtual and Physical):

  1. Physical Exhibition | AsiaWorld Expo: Ship your artwork to Hong Kong by May 2nd for the live showcase. As an alternative, we can print the artwork for you at a cost of 80 USD, depends on the size of your artwork.

  2. Digital Exhibition | Hong Kong Art City Metaverse: Opt to participate digitally, expanding your reach to a global audience.

Fine Art Print Exhibition and Sales Program

From Skiascope, we have launched the Fine Art Prints section, which will be added to the section of original works by our permanent staff of artists.  With this initiative, we are welcoming a new group of art buyers and collectors who are interested in acquiring works that meet contemporary artistic criteria and museological quality, in serial and numbered format. To this end, we will select a group of artists with two different work proposals on a semi-annual or annual basis.

WHO IS THE TARGET AUDIENCE?: All artistic disciplines with a contemporary approach. Emerging and mid-career artists. International artists. It is an essential condition that the works can be printed on fine art paper.

SELECTION: Previous selection by Skiascope

Zemin Art Space's Open Call for Curatorial Projects

For our 2024-2025 Exhibition and Event programme, we invite artists, curators, creators, and visionaries focusing to explore themes centered around immersive experiences, climate change, global boiling, transformative activism, Berlin's urban texture, reforestation, decolonisation, community building projects, solidarity, gender, and many other that will require more urgency and visibility for the near future.

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