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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - Art Woman 2022





Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (Art Woman 2021)

Palmieri's Foundation in Lecce, Italy | Curated by Dores Sacquegna

"An Idea of Beauty or the sublime in contemporary art | Preview by art curator"

What is beauty is perhaps one of the most controversial and debated questions in Western philosophy from the time of ancient Greece to today. What is beauty today? Do we still need it? Does it always constitute a value, an objective or a tool for individuals and for contemporary artistic production? A long philosophical and historical-artistic tradition has repeatedly tried to define this term. In the various eras, the aesthetic canon has always been explained in a different way, highlighting the close link with specific cultural contexts, constantly evolving. The reflection on aesthetics refers to aspects of the political, social and moral spheres of a society and of a specific historical period.

We live in an era dominated by an exasperated aestheticization, in which the term beauty is inflated and trivialized or has even become synonymous with taste or ephemeral trends. Faced with all this, the question arises spontaneously about the value and definition of this concept in contemporary society, whether it can still constitute a value for artistic production and, if so, what can be a shareable definition of beauty.

The work of the artists and the challenge of the exhibition project aim to reveal the sense of beauty, not intended as an aesthetic form, but rather as an experience connected to the deepest existential dimension of the human being and his/her relationship with the world. Ultimately, the term "beauty“ is in the eye of the beholder.

Management show by Primo Piano Special Projects, Lecce

What we offer:

  • Art Woman exhibition (for female artists only) in the Renaissance venue of Palmieri's Foundation;
  • Exhibition curated by international curator & collector Dores Sacquegna
  • Presentation of artists in situ and welcome drink opening day
  • Live Performance by French artist in situ during opening day (covid allows)
  • Conference in situ with two recognized femminist artists & collectors
  • Printed Catalog with curatorial texts and pictures for each artist
  • Adversting show with press kit and media
  • Supplies and fornitures / equipments for the show
  • Artwork for sale in situ and by e-commerce
  • Prize & Award

The project is open to worldwide women artists operating in all media such as Eco Design, Video Art, Artist Book, Photography, Installations, Mixed Media, Collage, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and more. Among the works received, the curator will choose 12 artists who will be awarded with a full page in the Art Woman 2022 Calendar.

Prizes Details: 

No. 3  - Prize & Award (free admisssion show, Interview, publication magazine)

No. 3 - Certificates Gold, Silver, Bronze + Certificate of Participation for Non-awarded artist

No. 12 - Full page Art Calendar 2022

and more..


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