International Art & Design Exhibition [V-AU: 2024 / 1]

V-AU invites all artists to participate in an affordable solo exhibition. You can participate in the international art and design exhibition with any art discipline. Apply now to meet distinguished artists on a common platform.

Call to Artists: Collage & Illustration Residency – Orlando: A Biography

During the Collage & Illustration Residency – Orlando: A Biography, selected artists will embark on a creative exploration of Virginia Woolf’s 1928 groundbreaking work, examining themes of identity, transformation, and the fluidity of time. This virtual residency, part of Kolaj Institute’s ongoing Collage & Illustration project, seeks to bring together a dynamic group of artists who are passionate about merging art, literature, and the human experience. The resulting illustrations will be published alongside Orlando: A Biography, allowing artists to bring a fresh, contemporary perspective to this timeless narrative. A curated selection of artwork will also be exhibited at Kolaj Fest New Orleans 2024.

Call to Artists: Collage & Illustration – Frankenstein

During the Collage & Illustration Residency – Frankenstein, artists will work to visually interpret Mary Shelley’s 1818 proto-science fiction novel, Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. As part of Kolaj Institute’s ongoing Collage & Illustration project, this virtual residency aims to explore the themes of creation, identity, and the boundaries of human imagination through the captivating mediums of collage and illustration. Kolaj Institute will publish Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus using the illustrations made during the residency as a way of bringing this important, historical book and the themes it raises to 21st century readers. A selection of artwork will be exhibited at Kolaj Institute in New Orleans. 

JIA Illustration Award 2023

This is an illustration contest that the Japan Illustrators' Association (JIA) recruits from all over the world once a year.
Anyone, professional or amateur, can apply.
This open call for participants is being held to discover new illustrators.
This is a public exhibition that will be a gateway for illustrators who have the ability but have not yet spotlighted, and who cannot meet big jobs.
Many people involved in publishing and advertising are paying attention.
The winning works will be exhibited at the "JIA Illustration Award winning works Exhibition" in China.

OPEN CALL Lustr festival 2023 Prague

You are an illustrator or comics creator but did not exhibit at the LUSTR festival yet? Sign up for free and become part of the largest exhibition of illustrations in Czech Republic! Present the best of your work in one of two exhibition categories: illustration or comics. We welcome professionals and hobby illustrations.

Send applications by May 31, 2023 ——>

Les enfants terribles - Pop Culture & Visionary ArtExpò

Les enfants terribles

The event will be set-up in the prestigious halls of the Bastione San Giacomo in Brindisi, a castle built in the 16th century by the Aragonese. The coats of arms of Emperor Charles V and his military architect Ferdinando de Alarcon are still visible on the south-west facade.


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