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Re:Paste is a subproject of T.R.U.St (Taranto Regeneration Urban Street), a permanent urban art festival at his second edition, which offers illustrators from all over the world the opportunity to develop an illustration that will then be exhibited throughout the city of Taranto.


This urban art container, which is active in the area since 2020, is composed by a series of murals developed by local and non-local writers, with the aim to support the most peripherical areas in the city.


In order to gather as many disciplines as possible and in conjunction with the proposed purpose, our idea is to praise for the last time the advertising spaces, which have now fallen into disuse, through illustrations dedicated to the theme of regeneration.


 We want to leave a totally free key at the interpretative level of the word "regeneration", whether on a social level or in a more intimate way, every reading is welcome, as well as the technique.


If chosen there won't be any entry fee or cachet, anyway all the costs necessary for posting and printing will be covered by us.

The deadline is set for 22 September in order to post all the works for 30 September and keep them visible in the city for 10 days.


Any media is welcome as long as the dimensions are 70x100cm (B1 format) in PDF format, to be sent to the email

For any questions you can contact the above email!


You can check our project upon IG: @progettotrust

Prize summary: 
Your illustration will be posted for 10 days on billboards for the city of Taranto
Prizes Details: 

Your illustration will be posted for 10 days on billboards for the city of Taranto


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Biennale dell'Umorismo nell'Arte




Il premio, destinato ad artisti dell’arte umoristica è suddiviso in due sezioni, il premio Internazionale città di Tolentino e il premio Luigi Mari.

L’11 ottobre è il termine fissato per la consegna delle opere che vogliano partecipare a Biumor 2021.

Il Comune di Tolentino organizza Biumor 2021 31^ Biennale Internazionale dell’Umorismo nell’Arte, concorso a premi dedicato all’arte umoristica. Destinato ad artisti, illustratori, vignettisti, il concorso è articolato in due sezioni:
l Premio Internazionale Città di Tolentino” dedicato all’arte umoristica sul tema “L’invidia”. Verranno assegnati 3 premi in denaro. Al primo classificato, vincitore della Biennale 3000 euro (in caso di ex-aequo il premio in denaro assegnato verrà ripartito tra i vincitori). Al secondo classificato un premio di 1000 euro e al terzo classificato di 500 euro.

La seconda sezione del concorso Biumor 2021 è intitolato a Luigi Mari ed è dedicato al ritratto caricaturale di personaggi illustri con l’assegnazione a due vincitori: al primo classificato un premio di 1000 euro in denaro e al secondo classificato di 500 euro. Nell’ambito della premiazione è previsto il riconoscimento di merito l’ “Umorismo in rete”,dedicato ai nuovi prodotti della post modernità che infrangono i consolidati modelli a cui la comicità tradizionale ci ha abituato.

Tutte le opere partecipanti saranno selezionate da una giuria qualificata di esperti dell’immagine, giornalisti, docenti.

I selezionati entreranno a far parte Biumor Biennale Internazionale dell’Umorismo nell’Arte, mostra che si terrà a Tolentino dal 25 novembre 2021 al 30 gennaio 2022. Le opere selezionate entreranno a far parte del catalogo che verrà dato in omaggio agli autori che parteciperanno alla serata evento di premiazione dei vincitori. Al concorso possono partecipare artisti contemporanei di ogni nazionalità, senza limiti di età, con un numero massimo di tre opere per ciascuna sezione, inedite e in originale, di dimensioni e tecnica libere, in qualsivoglia forma d’arte visiva e ogni tipologia di materiale e di supporto: pittura, grafica, scultura e installazione, fotografia, video. Sono anche ammesse opere di arte digitale interamente realizzate al computer e opere realizzate da sorgente fotografica purché l’intervento digitale sia strutturale, solo se inviate anche in copia cartacea, firmate e numerate dall’autore.

Il termine utile per l’ammissione in concorso delle opere è fissato per l’11 ottobre 2021. Ogni autore dovrà allegare la scheda di partecipazione compilata e sottoscritta. Ogni opera dovrà essere firmata in originale e corredata del tagliando che è possibile scaricare dalla sezione del sito dedicata 

Le opere dovranno essere inviate in porto franco. Le opere inviate verranno accettate soltanto se non sono gravate da tasse, oneri doganali, ogni altro onere a carico del Comune. Le opere premiate non saranno restituite ma entreranno a far parte della collezione del MIUMOR – Museo internazionale dell’Umorismo nell’Arte.


The Municipality of Tolentino convenes and organises Biumor 2021 the 31a Biennale Internazionale dell’Umorismo nell’Arte (31st Festival of Humour in Art) – a prize

contest focused on humour in art.
The contest is divided into two sections:
1 – “Premio Internazionale Città di Tolentino”  (“City of Tolentino International Award”) – for humorous art themed around “Envy”.

Envy is wishing evil on others.

Envy is when our heart feels sorrow for the achievements of those around us.

Envy is resenting other people’s success.

Envy is a feeling of person-to-person or social discontent that thrives in contemporary society.

Envy comes from the Latin in – adversative – and videre, and translates as to ‘look against’, ‘unfavourably’ or better yet ‘to frown upon’ and refers to an unfailing emotion of human soul that has a timeless quality and cuts across all social groups.

The theme aims at sparking critical thinking about the malevolent side of social relations.
2 – “Premio Luigi Mari” (“Luigi Mari Award”) for caricatures of illustrious figures.

The contest comprises:

a selection of the competing entries by a qualified jury. The artworks so singled out will be exhibited at the venue of the 31a Biennale Internazionale dell’Umorismo nell’Arte, from November 25, 2021 throughout January 30, 2022.

publication of a complimentary catalogue that will be presented to the authors of the selected works;

a prize awarding event.

Against the backdrop of the festival is a commendation for Humour on the internet awarded for products at the cutting edge of communications technology that shatter the stereotypical patterns typical of traditional comedy. 


The contest is open to contemporary artists of any nationality and any age, who are allowed to enter a maximum of three works which must be unreleased and authentic, free in size and technique, and performed in whatever form of visual art, material and support – pictorial, graphics, sculpture and installation, photography and video. Computer-aided digital visuals, as well as photographic source artworks with purely structural digital fix are also allowed to enter the contest as long as they are produced in paper format and are autographed and numbered by the authors


The deadline to enter the contest is October 11, 2021, by which time all entries will have to have been sent to the address below:

Segreteria della “31a Biennale Internazionale dell’Umorismo nell’Arte” – Palazzo Europa – Via Tambroni n. 4 – 62029 TOLENTINO (Italia)

After having filled out and signed the entry form, the contestants are requested to attach it to their works prior to shipment. Artworks must be authentically signed and provided with the special coupon. The works must be shipped carriage free – they will only be accepted on condition that they are not subject to any taxes or customs fees – the local municipality will not bear any fees due.


Admission of the works, their selection for display and the awarding of prizes are exclusive competence of the jury nominated by the Municipality of Tolentino in consultation with the Artistic Director. The jury’s decision is final and irrevocable.


The Jury will award below prizes:
“Premio Internazionale Città di Tolentino” (“City of Tolentino International Award”) for humour in art themed around “Envy”
1st Prize – € 3,000.00, will be awarded to the winner of the 2021 contest. In case of a tie, the prize money awarded will be split among the winners.
2nd Prize – € 1.000,00
3rd Prize – € 500,00
“Premio Luigi Mari” (“Luigi Mari Award”) for caricatures of illustrious figures
1st Prize – € 1.000,00

2nd Prize – € 500,00

Other special commendations may possibly be awarded by the jury


The prize winning works will not be returned, they shall remain the property of the Municipality of Tolentino and will become part of the collection of MIUMOR – the International Museum of Humour in Art. As clearly shown on the coupon, the works that are expressly donated by the artist shall remain the property of the Municipality of Tolentino, that is entitled to make a discretionary use of them. The works not expressly donated can be collected from the MIUMOR as from 28 February 2022 personally by the artist or their delegate; alternatively they can be returned, not earlier than the thirtieth day after the scheduled closing date of the Exhibition, unless extended, if specifically indicated on the coupon attached to the work.


The Municipality of Tolentino, in its capacity as organizer of the event, pledges to the greatest care, custody and supervision over the length of time they will be at the venue of the Biennale Exhibition and during transportation, but declines all responsibility for theft, fire, damage or loss that may occur as a result of any unforeseen causes.


Contestants allow the Municipality the right to reproduce any of the selected works free of charge for publication in the official catalogue of the Exhibition, in as many copies as the Municipality shall deem appropriate, including publication on the website and any other form of communication and promotion. The City is authorized to publish the works on any support, even for commercial purposes. In case of reproductions, the author will be mentioned in the habitual ways. The author allows free use of their work for popularisation, cultural and recreational purposes, as well as for public enjoyment. The author must expressly renounce all rights to any compensation


Contestants expressly authorize the Municipality of Tolentino to process the personal data in its possession in accordance with the personal data protection law, so as to include them in databases operated directly by the local administration or a third party appointed by it. As organizer of the 31st exhibition, the Municipality is entitled to adopt final decisions on all matters not mentioned in these Regulations. These are published on the website in Italian, English, French and Spanish. In case of controversy, the Italian text shall prevail. Participation in the 31a Biennale Internazionale dell’Umorismo nell’Arte implies unconditional acceptance of all items contained herein.


Prize summary: 
€ 3.000,00

Entry Fee:

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Call to Artists: Money Money Collage Artist Residency






CALL TO ARTISTS: Collage Artist Residency: Money Money

A four-week, virtual/online residency with Kolaj Institute in June 2021

Deadline to apply: May 26, 2021

During this project-driven artist residency, collage artists work together to create a series of collages that illustrate Eleanor H. Porter’s 1918 novel, Oh, Money! Money!. The result will be a book published by Kolaj Institute. The residency is being done in conjunction with “The Money $how” at Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The book will be released at an event in July.

“The Money $how” is co-curated by Frank Juarez, the publisher of Artdose Magazine, and Ric Kasini Kadour, the editor of Kolaj Magazine. A tour of late-stage capitalism, each artist in the exhibition uses collage to unpack ideas about money and its influence on our culture. The curators start from the premise that money is an idea that shapes contemporary life and present works that invite viewers to consider cash, labor, and capital. In addition to the exhibition, Kolaj Institute is publishing the book, The Money $how: Cash, Labor, Capitalism, & Collage, in which Kadour juxtaposes contemporary artwork against fragments of American history and literature as a way of showing how collage can help us deconstruct culture and understand the world differently. 

In Eleanor H. Porter’s 1918 novel, Oh, Money! Money!, a Chicago multi-millionaire struggles to decide to whom he should leave his money. As an eccentric experiment, he schemes to give his three distant cousins one hundred thousand dollars each to see how they handle the windfall. The book is a time capsule of early 20th century American life with a strong focus on the lives of women and observations about material culture and communities before the rampant consumerism of the 1920s and the Great Depression. In telling this story, Porter gives us a look at the role of and attitudes about money that remain relevant today. The book raises important questions about the role of money in our lives: What good is money? Is money cruel? How should one handle money? How does money change us?

The residency will unfold on four Saturdays where artists will convene in three-hour sessions. Artists will discuss the themes raised in Porter’s novel, hear from guest speakers, and collage together. Artists will take a virtual tour of “The Money $how” and receive a copy of the companion book. The group will collectively produce a series of twenty-six collages, one for each of the chapters in Porter’s novel.

Christopher Kurts will serve as art director for this project, lead collage making sessions, and facilitate the collaboration. Heather Ryan Kelley will speak about “The Midden Heap Project” in which she made a collage response to each page of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. Jeanna Penn will speak about how she uses collage to interpret historical material including her project “Souls of Black Folk” collage series inspired by W.E.B. DuBois’ seminal book where he sets out to “have briefly sketched…with loving emphasis and deeper detail, that men may listen to the striving in the souls of black folk.” Nancy Bernardo will speak about collage as illustration, the visual essay she contributed to the book Deconstructing Brad Pitt, and how collage artists can engage with the marketplace for illustration. Ric Kasini Kadour will present a theoretical overview of collage, share “The Money $how” exhibition, and facilitate the discussion of Porter’s book.


Collage Artist Residencies are intended for self-motivated artists, at any stage in their career, who want to develop their practice by exploring a topic or working method and collaborating with others to produce a final product. Residencies are open to any artist over the age of 21 from anywhere in the world. 


The cost of the residency is $500 per artist; however, no artist will be turned away for lack of funds and the organizers will work with artists to build a financial aid package. 

Contact & Links: 

Call for entries “JIA Illustration Award 2021”






Japan Illustrators' Association hold the contest of illustration every year.

This is the international illustration competition. Anyone, professional or amateur, can apply.

This competition is for finding newcomers.

People in advertising and publishing are paying close attention to this.

Prize summary: 
Win up to $5500 cash prizees.
Prizes Details: 

GRANDPRIX : 1 artist / Cristal shield / Prize money 400,000 yen

Gold award : 1 artist / Cristal shield / Prize money 200,000 yen

Silver award : 20 artists / Certificate

Bronze award : 40 artists / Certificate


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
38.5 USD for the first piece
Contact & Links: 

Call for Illustrators: Jules Verne Anthology



The North American Jules Verne Society is seeking fictional short stories and illustrations for its upcoming anthology, Extraordinary Visions: Stories Inspired by Jules Verne, planned for publication in 2021. This is the first anthology of new fiction ever sponsored by the Society.

The cover of Extraordinary Visions: Stories Inspired by Jules Verne will feature a full-color graphic image evoking the scientific wonder and sense of adventure typical of Verne’s novels. In addition, the Society plans to include a black-and-white artwork to go with each chosen story, all by the same illustrator in the same style. The artist chosen for the internal artwork may be different from the cover illustrator.

Edition and Rights: For both the cover art and interior artwork, the Society is asking for exclusive, worldwide rights to your work for both electronic and print for six months from the date of publication, and a non-exclusive right to keep your artwork in the anthology after that. The Society plans to use the artwork for the book and all book-related materials (press kit, marketing materials, bookmarks, Society website, social media, etc.).

Deadline: for stories, cover art, and links to artwork samples: April 30, 2021 (11:59 pm Eastern Time), or until filled. For submission of internal artwork by the selected illustrator: one month after editors provide the (expected ten to fifteen) stories.

Prize summary: 
$100 for cover image, $10 each for internal illustrations
Prizes Details: 

Payment for chosen artwork: $100 for the cover image and $10 for each internal black-and-white artwork, paid at publication.

Illustrators will also receive one copy of both the electronic and paperback versions of the anthology. Illustrators can buy additional books at a discount.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Make your Own





Disciplines: All
Location: All
Other: Inclusive of disciplines outside visual art as well


Application Fee: None
Participation Fee: None
Additional Fees: None

Looking for visual artists, designers, illustrators from all over the world to take part in the project called 'Make your Own' as a part of the 'Is your guilty pleasure having unique bags?' by Coffewear.

Participating creatives will transform their drawings and design a work of art. The artwork should be inspired by coffee or something connected to upcycling, but the final piece can be abstract!

Artists have the option of making the bagdesigns, and drawings on a prepared technical drawing selection.
Find the link here: https: //

The artwork can be done by digital or manual tecniques as well.

The ready artworks and designs should be sent via a WeTransfer link to:

The winners can have their own design realised into a physical bag made by the Coffewear Design group.
There will be be one winner and we will contact him/ her via e-mail within 10 days after the 28th of March 2021.

Looking forward to hear from you!


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 


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