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Friends In The Arts Open Call for Magazine Submissions





Friends In The Arts Magazine opens the international call INVISIBLE ATLAS by welcoming submissions of essays, interviews, reviews, podcasts, videos, photographs, poems, short stories, short articles, artist projects and art investigations concerning contemporary art in all disciplines from friends in the arts around the world at any career stage.

Friends In The Arts presents the theme INVISIBLE ATLAS for FITA’s first international art magazine created by the Friends In The Arts community, to promote creative individuals and cultural organizations working exceptionally in the arts. We are committed to explore the best being produced around the globe and select the most impressive analysis of contemporary art forms in our bi-annual editorial magazine published in March and September.


In this exclusive Open Call for submissions, FITA is inviting all friends to send proposals that address the ways in which we live, move and connect as individuals. Drawing from the book “Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino, where navigation to map the invisible is key and “the shortest distance between two points is not the straight line but a zigzag” (Calvino, 88: 1974), we open to discussion: What is the purpose of connecting invisible cities around the globe? Who is drawing frontiers in the world cartography? Where can border lines be traced? How are we moving forward as spaced coordinates? Why do we keep fighting concepts of abstract space? We also welcome proposals concerning educational material to help friends enter the art market profession.


Friends from all around the world can send their submissions as individuals or groups of individuals. The digital platform Friends In The Arts is supported primarily by yearly membership quotas. Authors are urged to subscribe to the yearly program at Friends in The Arts Contempo page and ask their institutions and friends to do the same. 


Friends In The Arts Magazine is an international published art magazine that communicates artistic research from all disciplines.


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