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One Common Media Lab, O.C.M.L., is a creative group brought together by experts in various fields such as photo, video, styling, and graphic, all based in New York City. From our ten years of experience in the fashion business in N.Y.C. since 2009, we provide consultation for emerging brands that want to break into the U.S. market in addition to visual media production. As a team with long professional experience in various fields, as a New Yorker, and as an alienated being, O.C.M.L delivers creative, customized services for clients with an intuitive multi-angled perspective on the visual market and fashion business.


Open call for submission to our first issue

Artmagazineium started out as a two-monthly printed and digital Art & Culture Magazine, founded by Artists and Magazine founders. Artmagazineium invites readers to create a new utopia with original content and High Culture Art. Our aim is to bring innovations and successful artists in the field of Contemporary Art together with all art lovers.

Artmagazineium showcases a mix of admirable artworks from around the world, New Contemporary Art and also emerging and distinguished artists.

Artmagazineium will be sold internationally as Print Magazine and digital magazine and is distributed worldwide. Our magazine has been prepared to be put up for sale in cooperation with our Website, Social Media accounts and Galleries.


In the last hundred years, humankind has seen unprecedented innovations and changes- from skyscrapers to moon landing to social media to human rights to Art...

In this very moment in our society everything moves really fast, time doesn’t seem sufficient anymore, artists seem to find their path much harder, the ongoing changes create a need for a continuous state of Transcendence

The aim of this publication is to find out what’s the trend in contemporary art and to create a dialogue between the artists and the viewers. 

There are no subject or medium restrictions, everyone is welcomed to apply. 

Submission Guidelines- Please read carefully.

Call to Artists: World Collage Day 2021

World Collage Day is May 8, 2021

Open Call for Marvelous Art Magazine November Issue

Marvelous Art Magazine is belong to Marvelous Art Gallery. We are now accepting art submissions for our second issue. We have free entry but only participation artists will pay a 10 € fee for 4 pages. We are giving 4 pages of each artists.

Marvelous Art Magazine is now accepting art and writing submissions with the theme “Figurative Art” for our November Issue from October 23th, till September 11th 2020. It will be publish in our website in November 15th. And we will promote all participation artists in Instagram and our Website for one month. This Issue asks writers and artists to create works that examine their Figurative Artworks. 

SOVO Issue 9: Sustainability

Sustainability describes anything that relates to maintaining ecological balance. SOVO// Magazine wants to present a unique collection of work addressing the topic of sustainability from many different angles. Current inspirations include environmentally focused writer's such as Eduardo Kohn, Donna Haraway, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Terry Tempest Williams, and David Abrams.


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