“Nature’s Palette” Juried Exhibition

“Nature’s Palette” Juried Exhibition

The City of Santa Clarita (City) is inviting artists to submit artwork for consideration for our upcoming “Nature’s Palette” juried exhibition, which will be on view at the First Floor Gallery located in Santa Clarita City Hall. We are seeking original artwork in any medium that captures the essence of the natural world around us. Artwork should highlight the intricate hues, textures, and forms that define our planets landscapes and ecosystems. 

Wild & Tamed Juried Art Competition


The Blue Koi Gallery would like to welcome you to the International “Wild and Tamed” Art Competition. This online competition is all about the interplay of wild and tamed elements in our world. Submissions may range from untamed landscapes and fierce wildlife to serene domestic cultivated gardens. Artists can use different mediums like paintings, sculptures, digital art, prints, photos, and mixed Media art to create their vision. Join us in unraveling the intricate interplay between the wild and the tamed.

CAMPBIENT: The 44 Hour Sound Art Residency

CAMPBIENT: The 44 Hour Sound Art Residency

June 6-9, 2024

Millersylvania State Park, Olympia, WA

Rolling Application Opens: January 5, 2023

Applications received by March 1 will receive priority review. Applications received after this date will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Selection Announcements begin March 9, 2024.

Maximum Participants: 22

Application Fee: None

Participation Fee: Sliding Scale starting at $50 (due upon acceptance)

Solitary Retreat in the Nevada Desert

Montello Foundation is a foundation dedicated to support artists who foster our understanding of nature, its fragility and our need to protect it.

The Montello Foundation provides a solitary retreat where artists can experience the vastness of a desert landscape from a safe building, a “base camp,” a unique space for inspiration and creation, a place that provides a shield from distractions in the solitude of the desert. The retreat is the first Quiet Artist Retreat certified by Quiet Parks International.

Sculpture in the Parks

Sculpture artists are invited to participate in the Village of Beverly Hills 3rd annual Sculpture in the Parks exhibit.  The Village is currently seeking applications for original sculptures of a size, weight and material suited to an outdoor setting.  Selected works will demonstrate the connections between art and the natural environment.  The sculptures, to be selected by local artists and approved by the Parks and Recreation Board, will be on loan from the artist to the Village for three years, May 2024 through April 2027. 

Work submitted for Sculpture in the Parks must be:

Call for International art competition. Community Art Channel Theme: Nature

Theme: Nature

The theme that we propose in this call for competition, is open to the expression of your creativity through the manifestation of Nature, in all its expressions: plants and flowers, landscapes, animals, sunsets, the sea, etc.


Painting, drawing, graphic, digital art, photography.

Submission Deadline: 31/12/2023

Winners announcement: 08/01/2024

First prize: Solo virtual exhibition

Second prize: Solo virtual exhibition


Online Exhibition Artists who participate in our competitions will be promoted in online exhibitions on our YouTube channel and on our website, thus helping the promotion and visibility of each artist's work.

How to Apply:


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