FIRE: Renewal, Rituals, Power – NAHR

FIRE is the focus of NAHR 2024.

Fire, as an elemental force that has shaped the very fabric of existence on Earth, permeates every aspect of all life forms. From the depths of the Earth’s core to the celestial bodies that adorn the skies, fire is an omnipresent phenomenon.

Overworld: Photography and New Media

For our inaugural exhibition at Midsummer, we extend a global invitation to artists, welcoming submissions of photographs and new media pieces that revolve around the themes of landscape and nature.

We have room for a total of fifteen artworks per showcase.

If a sale occurs, the artist retains full ownership of the profits generated from the sale of their artwork. They are expected to engage directly with the buyer to handle payment, framing, shipping, and related matters. We will help with sales at the artist's discretion.

We will also supply a press release and a checklist for each exhibition.

Our exhibition is an inclusive platform open to photographers from across the world, whether they are amateurs or seasoned professionals.

Artist Residency in Colombia, March 2023!

ArteSumapaz is a non-profit arts and culture centre located on a magical piece of terrain in the Andean mountains, about three hours outside Bogotá. The artist residency program (AIR) is designed for visual artists, musicians, writers, architects, clay artists, performers, and other makers. It is a self directed residency, where artists have full access to studio spaces of all kinds (visual art, music, movement, writing etc.) throughout the vast and beautiful campus. Artists are given the space, freedom, and encouragement to explore and experiment with their own work, and the community is happy to support any exhibitions they would like to host.

Nature's Wonder Art Competition Call for Art

Join the Nature Wonder Art Contest and get a chance to win worldwide promotion & a digital award certificate. Submit 1-3 images of your 2D or 3D art that celebrates nature's beauty and capture its majestic colors. 

Eligibility: All backgrounds and experience levels accepted. Open to artists around the world as we are an online art platform. Must be 18+ to Enter.

Virtual Exhibition Date: March 1st-31st, 2023

Natural Resonance Festival 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Natural Resonance 2023 virtual art and music festival! After a fantastic debut this year, we are so excited to see the creativity and passion of next year's participating artists and makers! 

Through vibrant music, visual art, movement, and thoughtful discourse, we celebrate our love of the natural world, the creativity and diversity of Earth’s ecosystems, and the ingenuity of artists. If this speaks to you, get in touch and share your expression of interest with us by August 10th! 

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