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Open Call: Publishing Deal with SNAP Collective

SNAP Collective is an innovative and dynamic art book publishing house based in Copenhagen specialized in producing high-quality publications featuring emerging and established artists.

Our mission is to ensure that artists present their exceptional work in the form of art books without any financial constraints. We believe that each artist deserves an opportunity to share his/her talent with the world, and we are committed to making it happen.

We take care of every stage of the publishing process, from book project launch to completion, ensuring that the art book is produced to the highest standards and reflects the artist’s unique vision.


City Walls Thanksgiving Open Calls 2023

We have three exciting open calls dropping on Thanksgiving, with 26 awards and $121,000 up for grabs! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to showcase your talent and make a positive impact on your community.

DCLEATED: Unleash your creativity by painting 5'8" cleat sculptures inspired by the Lions great Barry Sanders. Partner with a non-profit of your choice and see your artwork displayed in downtown Detroit for the entire month of April.

People Mover Mural Project: Transform blank walls into vibrant expressions of Detroit's spirit and resilience. Your art will inspire, inform, and connect with people, leaving a lasting mark on the city.

Recreate Open Call


We had an exhibition earlier this  year with artworks created by artists and by AI shown next to each other.

This time we would like to go a little deeper into exploring the AI.

We would like to see your art AND descriptions to your art.

Then we will ask the AI to create paintings with the same description (we will try to match the style, too - as long as it is possible).

You can submit any art on any topic; anything you created and you wish to challenge the AI with.

Let’s see where human perception is compared to the AI perception!




November 23, 2023



November 25, 2023


Residencies for artists and cultural workers Fundaziun Nairs, 2024

As every year, Fundaziun Nairs is searching for guests from all arts disciplines (Visual Arts, music, literature, performance, design, architecture, photography, theater etc.). The duration of the residencies can span from two to nine months. Up to ten artists and cultural workers live under one roof at the same time. Invited residents are accompanied by the curatorial and administrative staff of Fundaziun Nairs and receive a working space/studio and a space for living/sleeping room. In various discursive and publicly oriented formats, the own work and approaches can be discussed and presented.

Annual Magazine Edition Feature + Group Exhibition

UAAD is pleased to announce our open call for our annual edition & immersive group exhibition, Alt-Alterity. Alt-Alterity explores alternative perspectives on “alterity” or “otherness”, which exist beyond the scope of what might be considered familiar or known, yet constitute the underlying narrative of planet Earth.

Sport Is About Motion

AVE22 MetaGallery would likes to invite artists to take part in “Sport Is About Motion” open call.



Although many professional sports take a pause in the summertime, those who stay have a revival in June - August. Moreover, these three months give a huge impetus to amateur sports. So we would like to have a closer look at this topic at this point of time. And we would like to go even further in analyzing one of the sports’ integrals - motion.  

Motion is one of the characteristics for any sport. We adore paintings that reflect sporting motion. We love to watch art videos that show us the beauty of sports.

So we would like to invite you to send us your artworks with sports as a topic. But we won’t just show your art.


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