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Autumn Issue/ Publication




Collect Art is an independent ad-free art gallery, dedicated to discovering and promoting art.

For the Autumn Issue, Collect art is looking for artists, working in different media, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, contemporary jewelry, textile, installation, illustration, mixed media, photography, digital art. 
There is no specific theme for the submission.

Each selected artist will receive a 2-3 page spread in print and digital magazine including bio&statement, website, and 2-5 featured artworks. All published artists will receive a complimentary digital issue of the magazine and will be promoted on our website/social media. 


Requirements for the submission:

up to 10 photos (min. 300 dpi, JPEG/TIFF format),

details of the work (title, medium, size),

Brief biography and artist statement (max 100 words each)

Website and social media links.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Submission is free for all, only selected artists 20 EUR
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Perceiving Landscape(s) PhotoBook Exhibition





IAPT PhotoBook Exhibition 2021

The International Association of Photography and Theory [IAPT] is pleased to announce an open call for publications that engage with themes related to landscape and accessibility under the title Perceiving Landscape(s).

Through Perceiving Landscape(s) we wish to address how contemporary photographic and publishing practices seek to engage in explorations of landscapes both physical and otherwise, to negotiate modes of landscape accessibility and to provide insight into new and potential processes of landscape construction and conception. How is landscape perceived, defined, visualized, shaped or accessed? How do we attain, record, and how do we create information about landscape(s)? What is our relationship with landscapes and how can it be challenged?

We invite submissions of photography books, published or dummy photobooks, that explore the relationship between contemporary photography, landscape and accessibility(ies), and negotiate photographic practices as processes of addressing any of the following:

- Photography and the politics of landscape(s)

- Photography and topography

- Photography and processes of landscape-conception

- Re-examining landscape(s) as pictorial artefact(s)

- Photographic practices and mediations of land

- Wanderlust: photography, digital explorations of the body, desire and intimacy

- Photographic practices as errantry and pilgrimage

- Negotiating access: Photographic practices as means of accessibility(ies)

- Digital imaging and photography: observing, monitoring and recording landscape(s)

- Mediating the remote: Photographic practice as process of attainability

- Dreamscapes: landscapes of dream, the unconscious, or escapism

- Landscape visibility(ies) and glimpses of futurescapes

The selected books will be exhibited at KORAI Project Space, Nicosia, in November 2021, ( The exhibition will run between 15-30 November, 2021.

Curatorial team: Othonas Charalambous, Nicolas Lambouris, Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert.

Books may be submitted by artists, photographers, or publishers. Both self-published and commercially published photobooks are eligible for submission. Submitted books must have been produced/published within the last five years (2016-2021). You may submit more than one book but each entry must be submitted with its own completed submission form.

A physical copy of the book must be submitted, as the quality of production and materiality of the book will be taken into consideration for the final selection. There is no fee for submitting your book.

Please note that submitted books will not be returned, and will be kept in the IAPT book collection as a resource for research and for future displays.


Application Form & Book Submission by mail: 31 August 2021

Selected Books Announcement: 30 September 2021

PhotoBook Exhibtion Duration: 15-30 November 2021


The submission process has two steps:

I. Email your completed Submission Form to

II. Mail your publication alongside a printed copy of the submission form to the following address:

International Association of Photography & Theory [IAPT]

P.O. Box 20501

1036, Nicosia,


The submission form and further info can be found online at:
PhotoBook submissions must be shipped and prepaid.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Interim Publication Issue 1 - 'As Yet Untitled'




Submit now to the Interim Publication called As Yet untitled. The zine will be a quality, 40 paged (80 sided) publication with artist profiles, photography and interviews. 
The zine will be 210mm x 105mm in size. 

Each issue will feature 2 Introducing Artists! This is a featured dedicated to emerging artists; the person / collective will each have a short interview and images of their work! 
There will also be exciting interviews with other arts platforms around the UK and further afield. 
Additionally, there will be up to 14 other people showcased in each issue (some issues there may be less dependant on articles / other content). 


We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting submissions for Issue 1 of our new Arts zine - As Yet Untitled, presented by Interim Arts. 
Artists at any point in their career are invited to apply and we are really interested in supporting emerging artists at the start of their creative careers- we are eager to showcase and publish contemporary artists, photographers, writers (etc).

The zine will be released bi-monthly and curated by our team. Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply! We encourage you to continue submitting to each issue as each submission, new or old, will be considered for each open call.
Submissions are welcome from: artists, photographers, poets, writers - absolutely anybody and everybody! No previous experience or qualifications are necessary - we are just excited to showcase your work and continue to build our collective!

The publication is completely free to apply. If accepted and published, the zine will be available to purchase through our social media channels and our website. 

Our instagram account @interimarts will continue to post updates about the zine so do follow there to keep up to date with its progress. 


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Free to apply and the publication will be made for £10 or under
Contact & Links: 

PLACE, PEOPLE AND TIME: drawing into being





Residency dates: Mon 22 – Sun 28 June 2020.

Apply by: midnight Sunday 29 March 2020.

This group residency has been devised by The Museum of Loss and Renewal in partnership with artist and academic Danica Maier. It is offered for creative practitioners working in art, animation, architecture, communication industries, design, fashion, film, theatre, performance and for those who have a strong interest in drawing as an area of practice. Applications from other fields where drawing is used as a means to develop, document, explore, explain, interrogate and plan such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine, sport and writing are welcomed.


- Drawing
- Technologies
- Interdisciplinarity
- Co-learning
- Individual practice
- Collective platform for encounters
- Experimentation
- Transcription
- Location specific
- Site sensitive
- Natural environment of exceptional significance
- Published outcome
- Outcome presented internationally


The group residency will provide a partially-structured and hands-on programme to enable residents to develop their skills and understanding of drawing across a range of technologies. The residency experience is designed to stimulate new ways of thinking and experimentation through production, research, co-learning and presentation. Residents will work collectively and individually. The residency is devised around the idea of ‘people, place and time’ and the programme will be situated in and around the village of Collemacchia, Molise, Italy. By walking, listening, looking and making an interdisciplinary group of residents will activate drawing, a sophisticated means of thinking and communicating, to investigate a site. The location contains a cluster of contemporary villages, residing amidst Samnite and Roman settlements, all accessible by foot. 

In addition to each resident’s individual work, there will be a final outcome in the form of a collective publication that will be published by The Museum of Loss and Renewal and presented at international events.

The aim of this residency is to affirm the value of drawing and enable the visualisation and development of perceptions and ideas in a supportive and stimulating environment in which to develop your skills and knowledge of drawing. Drawing remains a core activity in the work of creative practitioners, as an exploratory tool that guides visual discovery. You will explore various approaches to drawing, from historical to contemporary, analogue to digital. The necessity to understand the world through visual means is increasingly acute, and images surpass the boundaries of language and enhance communications in an increasingly globalised world. Alongside individual practice, the residency will have a focus on co-learning and knowledge exchange, creating opportunitiesto learn from each other. A series of group sessions supported by specific learning models will enable you, without hierarchies, to explore your own practice and the assertion that drawing underpins systems and principles of visual language. ‘Visual Dialogue’, ‘Slow Looking’ and ‘Listening Environment’ will focus on attention to detail. An underlying theme of ‘Micro-Macro’ will connect the group to the residency location and to the wider world, in consideration of what one brings from a place and what is subsequently left in a place. Value will be given to the individual knowledge and experience of each resident, exploring the act of drawing as a fundamental means to analyse, document, record and translate the worlds we inhabit. The Residency Programme will be facilitated by Danica Maier (artist and academic) and Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen (artists, educators and curators of The Museum of Loss and Renewal; residents of Collemacchia) who will provide practical and theoretical mentoring. The residency will have an offline engagement with international relevant experts and like-minded initiatives that will provide bespoke content, expanding the residency in time and space. 

By presenting and discussing key subjects such as experimentation (focused and embracing possibilities of failure), analogue-digital relationships, methods and approaches for investigating site, and modes of public presentation, we aim to facilitate an ongoing creative dialogue between making and being whilst immersed in the stunning environment of Collemacchia’s mountain landscape itself.

Opportunities for participants to share work in progress will happen throughout the residency, enabling conversations and peer support. Surrounding this loose structure, there will be time to develop your own work and to experience the local environment.


The residency is located in Collemacchia, a small village within Italy’s National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, a protected area of exceptional significance and beauty. Engagement with the natural world begins on the doorstep and the mountainous landscape offers an excellent environment for reflective practice. The ancient, undisturbed and extensive terrain holds a rich and complex history visible in the area’s architecture, customs, agricultural lands and forests. The area is sparsely populated by villages that are largely trilingual Italian-French-English due to the large community of emigrants who continually move between European nations, stemming from economic migration dating from approx. 1850. The village has been home to Tracy Mackenna’s family for centuries and the curators of The Museum of Loss and Renewal foster strong links with the local community which is highly supportive of the Residency Programme.


Live/work accommodation includes two fully furnished houses consisting of multiple bedrooms, desk space, studio spaces, central heating and internet.


The residency will be lead by Danica Maier and Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen.

Danica Maier is an American artist and Associate Professor in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University (UK). Her research interests are in the un-repeating-repeat and the glitch and line, using subtle slippages and moments of detail to transgress propriety. Her work takes the form of drawing, installation, sound, music and 3D assemblages. Exploring dualities of material and site she explores ideas of expectations, traditional values and labour. Her publication Grafting Propriety: From Stitch to the Drawn Line was published by Black Dog Publishing Ltd (2016). She co-leads the No Telos research project which seeks to explore the journey of artistic process rather than that of outcome. Experience includes founder and coordinator of the artist residency programme Summer Lodge; workshop coordinator and tutor at London Printworks Trust and studio assistant at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia.

Tracy Mackenna (Prof Emerita; SCO-IT) & Edwin Janssen (Dr; NL) are the founders and co-curators of The Museum of Loss and Renewal. Their collaborative art practice is a creative and discursive site where production, presentation, exchange, co-learning and research meet. Drawing is a core component of their artistic practice in the form of artworks, communication modes, and explored in book and journal chapters. The Museum of Loss and Renewal’s key areas of focus are social relationships, the way places are inhabited and how personal objects reflect who we are. Tracy & Edwin work with international partners to devise and present multifaceted exhibition projects that address issues of societal concern such as well-being, aging, end of life and sustainability. Tracy and Edwin are highly experienced, award winning educators who have devised and lead multiple group learning projects situated within the international museum and gallery sector, and higher education.


The Residency Programme is operated on a non- commercial cost covering basis, and is financially supported by The Museum of Loss and Renewal in order to keep fees low. The residency fee is €930 (Euro), to be paid by the artist. This fee includes accommodation in a variety of spacious rooms with full board (3 meals each day). Ingredients are mainly locally sourced and meals are prepared by our excellent cook, Alessandra. Special diets can be catered for.

A deposit of €310 (Euro) will be required within three weeks of accepting a place on the residency. The remaining balance of €620 (Euro) is payable six weeks in advance of the residency start date.

You will be responsible for funding and organising your own travel, your own insurances and any visa requirements particular to your country of origin. Detailed travel information will be supplied (closest airports Naples, Rome), and collection/drop-off at a local train station will be arranged.

We do not have external funding for this project, so regret that we are unable to offer assistance with fees, flights, production costs or other subsistence. Typically, successful applicants source funding by applying to their national arts funding bodies, personal fundraising, or through academic institutional support. Formal letters of invitation can be provided to assist in this process.

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Call for Artists - Average Art #45 (April 2020)




Average Art is an industry focused art magazine. Our goal is to draw attention to self representing artists. We are now taking entries for the April edition of Average Art Magazine.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

Call For Artists - A5 Portfolio #35 (February 2020)




A5 magazine wants to try and shine a light on some of the amazing artists working today. We are now taking entries for the February edition of the zine.

Brief: send us a large digital image of your work. Also send us any information you think is relevant. Any text needs to be kept brief as we get hundreds of submissions.

Deadline: 5th February 2020


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 


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