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All you need is love!

Eclectica! Art Gallery is celebrating everything peace, love and rock and roll! This show salutes "hearts in art."

Love Shack! offers an opportunity to display your work during this promotion, running February 7 - 15th.

Work will be on consignment only. Artists receive 60% of purchase price [set by the artist]. 

1. You may submit only one of a kind, hand made work in the following categories: paintings, collage, ceramics, sculpture, glass, metal, jewelry, wood, functional & decorative objects and accessories. All wall art works must be finished, wired and ready to hang. Other work must be able to be hung from the ceiling, displayed on a pedestal, table or shelf. Jewelry will be placed in a locked vitrine or case.

Work must feature hearts or the themes of peace, [romantic] love or rock and roll. No erotica, please. Keep it clean, kiddies!

Eclectica! Art Gallery is a unique little gallery in an equally unique setting — an historic gazebo in the heart of the Village of Midlothian, just southwest of Richmond. 



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