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Terre da Film Festival IV edition - CORPO SAPIENS (Tales from the body)


Terre da Film is a place where people meet up to live an experience through cinema, art and more. Every summer artists, filmmakers, poets, activists and artisans live for a few days in the town of Canelli (AT) to create a unique temporary community that merges with those already existing on site.

Terre da Film Festival promoter is the Cultural Association Studio Azzurro ricerca - STRIAZ.


CORPO SAPIENS - Tales from the body

The body is our primary means of expression and communication. Through the memory, every body collects its past and tells its own story. Each body narrates a tale.

"No words are so clear as the language of body expression once one has learned to read it" ALEXANDER LOWEN

Urban Legend Short Film Competition

This year, as Raindance brings back some iconic mavericks, we thought we would highlight one this Halloween… The Blair Witch Project! In the legend, The Blair Witch, Elly Kedward, terrorized the town of Blair, now Burkittsville, during the late 1700’s and was executed for her crimes.

So what is your favourite Urban Legend?

Show us in a 1 minute short film for the chance to have your film screened at Raindance Film Festival 2022!!

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