Call for Exhibition │Free entry

Accepted media: Photography, Video, Digital Visual Design

Group Exhibition in Rome. June 2024


From the classical to the contemporary period and all throughout the history of art, mythology has inspired artists in their representation of universal ethical and moral values. Such values have accompanied the development of civilizations since ancient times.



Call for Exhibition │Free entry

Accepted media: Photography, Video

Group Exhibition in Rome. April 2024


"Metamorphosis” is the theme of the exhibit scheduled for April 2024.

Metamorphosis as process that manifests itself through mutation and change, as a process determined by the passage from one state to another, and finally as one that in the biological cycle coincides with the breath of nature. Metamorphosis is here a phenomenon that instills the perception of becoming; it is where the transience of the state of things contains the deepest meaning of existence.

Art Meets Entertainment

Do you have a passion for creativity and entertainment? Whether it's through art or photography, we want to see your talent shine in our contest. This is your chance to show off your skills and potentially open doors to new job opportunities in the entertainment industry.

As this contest is being run by ArtJobs and EntertainmentJobs, we want to help promote the selected artists and their work through our industry networks. This means your work could be seen by professionals in the field, potentially leading to job offers or commissions.

trans masc film and video art

Call for Submissions: trans masc film and video art

The Otherness Archive is building a sustainable digital and publicly accessible archive, having received a grant from Arts Council. The first category of focus is dedicated to the trans masc experience, to be launched in October 2022.

This call for submissions is for trans masc video art, moving image work, and films to be included within Otherness Archives digital archive. This could potentially lead to requesting to feature your work in some of our future screenings (if so, you will receive a screening fee).

If you'd like to submit your work to be included ahead of our launch in October 2022, please submit your films and works by 31 July 2022, by providing a few details in this form: 

1minute Projection Mapping Competition in TOKYO

~Entry for participating creators is now open!~

1minute Projection Mapping in TOKYO will be held again this year.
This is an international competition planned by Projection Mapping Association of Japan for competing projection mapping works of 1 minute to 1 minute and 59 seconds.
Creators from all over the world are invited to submit their video works. 

This year’s competition will mark the 10th anniversary. The theme of this memorable edition is, 

『 LIFE / 命・暮らし・人生 』

International Portrait Film Festival

IPFF is on the path towards its third edition in 2022. Once again, we will celebrate short portrait cinema and art with the potential to explore, educate, and transform.

A portrait is an image heavy with meaning. Multilayered and multifaceted, it has a visual, psychological, material, emotional and spiritual dimension.

Unravelled in art, the painted, the literary, the photographic portrait is often perceived by the human mind as a still frozen in time. But, in fact, it has already undergone a transformation. From its true origin, through the consciousness that revives the brush, the quill and the lens, to the semblance that begins its life on the canvas and on the page. Imitation and repetition, but with endless potential for future metamorphoses.


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