8th nodoCCS Video Festival CALL FOR ENTRIES

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Open Call 2022
8th Festival video nodoCCS
Abre 22 Septiembre 2022
Cierra 22 Octubre 2022

Video as art opens portals to other realities and to the experiences of others.

The 8th nodoCCS Video Festival returns to its on-site proposal in the city of Caracas, reaffirming its intention to "sustain and inhabit spaces" to generate encounters in a fragmented world.

The experience of the past years inspired us to go beyond the exhibition space and expand the physical locations of our projections, to generate global dynamics, new ways of collaborating and above all to articulate our work to this new reality.

This year's program will feature new dynamics of selection and arrangement of the works, exploring the metaphor of the portal as a curatorial form through which, on the one hand, we try to get in touch with specific modes of experience, histories, communities and world-building practices, and, on the other hand, we reflect on the preconditions, thresholds, regulation and the fundamental function of video as a gateway to other realities. In thinking about video as a portal and world-building practice, questions of access and exclusion must inevitably be addressed. What creates permeability? Who is addressed? Who has access and how is access governed? And who possesses the material and immaterial resources to be able to create portals and the worlds behind them in the first place?

Caracas Venezuela

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