Virtual Reality

OPEN CALL: "I log in therefore I am" Exhibition

Deadline for Submissions: April 8th, 2024
Exhibition Dates: May 30th to June 23rd, 2024

Treehouse NDSM is currently running an Open Call for its next exhibition ‘I log in, therefore I am’, on view in May and June 2024. This group show aims to give artists the opportunity to present their creative reflections on the 'dichotomy of presence in the digital age’, that is, the challenges of finding a sense of inner balance, while navigating through physical, mental, digital and virtual presences. Artists from all backgrounds and working in any medium are welcomed to apply as long as their projects fit the exhibition's theme. We will put more focus on applications from local artists.


OPEN-CALL ARTBOX VR | Vision Art Fair Lisbon

We propose a virtual and immersive exhibition that invites you to discover the universe of contemporary art through virtual reality. An exhibition with total freedom of movement. A moment of fantasy in which the visitor is completely immersed in the dreamlike and pictorial universe of contemporary art, crossing different rooms where huge projections of works allow the visitor to feel completely immersed in the works created by the artists in a second plastic, sensorial, vibrant and unforgettable dimension. Applications are open from painting, mixed media, collage, video art, giclée artists, among others, to exhibit alongside the renowned artists who will be featured at Artbox VR, represented by São Rafael Galleries at this event.

OpenCall - WAVING Conference

OpenCall - WAVING Conference - November 4-6, 2022 
Applications until 30/09/22 
The entire universe is waving. 
The phenomenon concerns many issues, both scientific and artistic. Waving includes natural phenomena occurring in nature, as well as civilization, social and cultural processes. Space kinetics, particle motion, gravity, sound, resonance, tactics and haptics are some of the important elements of modern intermedia art using advanced technology. 
The Art Space Faculty invites you to participate in the conference. 

Applications including: 

The International Competition for Intermedia Artwork ICIA 2022

• No Registration & Presentation Fee
• Total Prize Money is PLN 20,000 (approx. 4600 €)
• The second edition of Competition

In the 2022 edition, the competition will be held in two, separately evaluated categories. Works can be submitted to one or both categories of the competition:

CAVE – multi-channel audio-visual projection
More info:

VR – virtual reality work
More info:


The Jury’s will award prizes in the competition:

Open Call: VR Residency in Zeitz, Germany in September 2020

Open Call: VR Residency in Zeitz, Germany in September 2020

THIS IS FAKE is now accepting applications for a one month artist residency in Zeitz, Germany in September 2020.

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