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The Spring of Contemporary - Global Contemporary Art Exhibition

Spring of Contemporary - Global Contemporary Art Exhibition is an innovative exhibition that awakens the emergence of new life and creativity in the contemporary art world. Spring is the season for all things to grow and flourish, everything is thriving and full of hope. The contemporary art world is not exception. It is rooted in the present and faces the endless creativity of humanity, which will give the world more vitality and momentum.


“Flowing Emotion - The Rhythm of Autumn” Global Art Exhibution

After the Global Art Online Exhibition of Flowing Emotions - Song of Summer and Melody of Spring, the Spring Exhibition of the Flowing Emotions Four Seasons series, also known as the Flowing Emotions - Autumn Melody Global Art Exhibition (online and offline), officially invites global artists to explore the emotions of autumn together, explore them with their own brushes, and play a symphony of autumn together.


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