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INTENTIONAL PLAY- Virtual exhibition + Print Catalogue

BOOK / CATALOGUE + Virtual Exhibition 

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” 

― Albert Camus

  • GALLERY 44 invites artists to delve into the multifaceted nature of play and its significance in our lives. While play is often associated with leisure and frivolity, it also serves as a profound mode of exploration, expression, and engagement with the world around us. Artists are encouraged to reflect on how playfulness intersects with themes such as identity, politics, social justice, technology, environment, and the human condition.

  • All media accepted.

  • International Open call. 

DISSENT : 3D VR exhibition + Book / Catalogue



Exhibition Dates: 

2/4/24 - 3/31/24

Open Call:

Dissent in art is a powerful and compelling expression of resistance, a means by which artists challenge the status quo, question authority, and provoke critical thought. Throughout history, visual art has served as a medium for dissent, allowing individuals to voice their opposition to prevailing ideologies, social injustices, and political regimes. This form of creative resistance manifests itself in various art genres, styles, and mediums.  


Ad Astra - Open call for transcendent art: Virtual Exhibition and Published Catalogue

Open Call: 
Ad Astra, “To the Stars” in Latin

THEME: Gallery 44 seeks visual art work that is transcendent. Transcendentalism, 19th-century movement of writers and philosophers in New England who were loosely bound together by adherence to an idealistic system of thought based on a belief in the essential unity of all creation, the innate goodness of humanity, and the supremacy of insight over logic and experience for the revelation of the deepest truths.

The theme is open for interpretation. All media is acceptable. 

What do artists receive?

International Open Call - WORD

International Open Call: 
3-D Virtual Art Exhibition
& Open Edition Catalogue

WORD, an exhibition on text in contemporary art.

All media accepted.

Gallery 44 is launching an online virtual reality, navigable exhibition space.

Participating artists will also be included in a digital catalogue with an essay by curator Rula Jones. 

All work will be sold through our website.

All media is acceptable.
Intermedia, experimental and interdisciplinary works are encouraged.

All art MUST be for sale and you must be able to ship your work from your studio in a timely manner, within 7 days from the date it was sold.

Video editions and digital works, limited editions are acceptable.

Gallery 44 Open Call: Hue:


HUE. Open Call Group Exhibition


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