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Shadow and Light

Shadows and Light .

Black is symbolic in many cultures, expressing mystery, elegance, drama, even the great void. Whites and grays, conversely, are hopeful, bringing contrast and defining forms.

The absence of color allows us to better see the pictorial composition, and the arrangements and intensity of shadows and light can create a high contrast image or a dusky play of subtle grays. The lack of color concentrates our attention on the subject and the design.

Please submit your interpretation of this achromatic theme in any media such as photography, printmaking, pencil and charcoal, fiber, ceramic or mixed media.


Featured in the show is the art of local photographer Richard Hay Jr. with the debut of his series

Red - Call for Art

Call for Artists

RED is a powerful color that has been used throughout history and is associated with love, passion, and courage. In Asian countries, it symbolizes happiness and good fortune. The quest for this color was an obsession that involved many empires and spawned many novel-worthy intrigues in the pursuit of this most desirable color on earth.RED is a “fast” color, it has a dominant wavelength that reaches our eye before other colors. It stands out from all backgrounds.RED sunsets, strawberries, scarlet slippers; royal capes, rubies, and cardinals- all are infused with this special color and used by all artists.

HCA’s 21st Annual Holiday Gift Market

HCA’s 21st Annual Holiday Gift Market

Please join us for this celebratory event. Healdsburg Center for the Arts (HCA) is seeking a bounty of unique, artist made goods for our 21st Annual Gift Market, which offers artists an opportunity to share their creative work with the hundreds of locals and visitors who explore HCA, looking for handcrafted,quality gifts. Please join us this year and enrich the Holiday Gift Market with your creative artistry!

Entry Instructions

Beauty in the Beasts

Our world is a masterpiece made up of creatures from the largest mammal, the blue whale, to the smallest organisms, and even living beings from our imaginations. These intrigue us, amuse us, comfort us, and sometimes unsettle us, but they mainly enhance and enrich our experience here on earth. This show calls on all fine artists to share with the Healdsburg Center for the Arts your vision of great, small, real or fantastical creatures in your favorite medium.

Entry deadline 30 July 2022; exhibit opens 17 August 2022; Artists’ Reception 20 August 2022.

Call For Artists – Emerging Artist show

Call Description:
The call for artists is open to artists creating in any medium who are Seniors in High School through 30 years of age. Artists will be selected by a jury for participation based on their body of work. The exhibit will feature a body of work from each selected artist. Part of the experience is working with an installation team to install the exhibit. All work must be for sale and artists receive 60% of the sales price on pieces that sell during the exhibit. The Emerging Artist show is an annual juried show open to Northern California.

Categories: Ceramics, textiles, painting, sculpture, fine art prints (linocut, etching, etc.) woodworking, mixed media, glass, metal, photography, multi-media, Digital Art,

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