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Within the realm of art, time ceases to exist as a linear progression. Instead, it becomes an impression, allowing artists to freeze a single moment or a thing, preserving it in all its glory.

May Flowers

As a way to welcome the arrival of Spring, our May group art show ”May Flowers” seeks to celebrate flowers, their beauty, and rich historical significance in various cultures worldwide.

Throughout history, humans have used flowers to communicate their emotions and to commemorate various occasions. The beauty and fleeting nature of flowers and the diverse cultural associations and symbolism attached to them have served as an inspiration to many great artists from Vincent Van Gogh to Maria Sibylla Merian. This group show showcases how flowers have remained an emblem of beauty and significance in both art and human culture over the ages. We encourage our artists to explore various interpretations of flowers and their significance in the art world.


The theme of our April group show ”Connections” explores the artists’ connection with their art practice. The more an artist connects with their art, the easier it is to translate their vision, whether this is a figurative subject, an imaginative work, or an abstract piece. As we immerse ourselves in the beauty and depth of artistic expression, This theme serves as a medium for our artists to express the deep connections they have with their artworks. Beneath our diverse experiences, cultures, and backgrounds, we all share a common longing for connection. We wish our artists to open a captivating window into the intimate relationships they have with their work, with other people, with their environment, and with their inner selves.

Girl Power!

Ever since it made its grand entrance on the popular culture stage thanks to the US punk band Bikini Kill, the term “Girl Power” has steadfastly held its position as a significant (political) catchphrase. “Girl Power” gained more prominence in pop culture after it was embraced by the British pop band the Spice Girls in the late 90’s, transforming it into a significant and appealing slogan. The meaning of ”Girl Power” is a self-reliant attitude among people in ambition, assertiveness, and individualism. In this art show, we wish to pay homage to the voices and the stories woven by women across generations. It is a tribute to the transformations, the triumphs, and the unity that can arise when women unapologetically embrace their individuality and their stories.

Piece of Me

Self-expression and personal narratives are the topics of our February group show. Many artists’ art practice has always been centered around creating a multifaceted portrait of the human experience, which emphasizes both the similarities and differences between all of us, therefore we encourage artists to contribute to an open and inclusive dialogue about self-expression, narrative, and identity, making this group show “Piece Of Me” not only a celebration of creativity, but also a celebration of humanity. In this show, artists are free to express themselves authentically, and the theme is meant to inspire submissions that are intimate and personal adding to the diversity and richness of the show.

Unveiling The Layers

For our first group show of 2024, we’ve chosen to explore the intriguing notion of ‘layers’ as the focal point and how they can be interpreted and showcased through different art forms.

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