NFTitties Participatory Art Project

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Are you interested in making art for charity? Are you against the unfair nudity policy that exists on social media platforms today? Or are you interested in making NFTs and learning more about Web3? NFTitties is a women-led participatory NFT project that anyone can form part of! Everyone is invited to submit an image of boobs, following a set of visual parameters. If selected by the NFTitties curatorial committee, the image will be minted as an NFT and sold at auction. One pair of NFTitties is sold per day and an auction takes place every day on the NFTitties website. 

Prizes Details: 

The proceeds from each sale are split equally: 30% for the artist, 30% for charity raising funds and awareness in the fight against breast cancer, 30% for the project and 10% for the Community Treasury that will fund a roadmap of exciting projects for the community of NFTitties holders!


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