Treehouse NDSM

OPEN CALL: "I log in therefore I am" Exhibition

Deadline for Submissions: April 8th, 2024
Exhibition Dates: May 30th to June 23rd, 2024

Treehouse NDSM is currently running an Open Call for its next exhibition ‘I log in, therefore I am’, on view in May and June 2024. This group show aims to give artists the opportunity to present their creative reflections on the 'dichotomy of presence in the digital age’, that is, the challenges of finding a sense of inner balance, while navigating through physical, mental, digital and virtual presences. Artists from all backgrounds and working in any medium are welcomed to apply as long as their projects fit the exhibition's theme. We will put more focus on applications from local artists.



Since the spring of 2022 the exhibition space of Treehouse NDSM has hosted exhibitions open to the public. Treehouse is located in an area with a history of arriving and leaving – a place where ships were built and people migrated or immigrated to and from all over the globe.

Areas where many cultures and languages come together are usually seen as spaces of friction, of in-betweenness. But those are also precisely the spaces where new interactions and ideas originate by sharing ideas through literature and art that together form new concepts of togetherness – of home.

Open Call Exhibition: Urban Nature

Deadline for Submissions: July 17th

Exhibition Dates: Sept 14  to Oct 15,  2023

Treehouse NDSM is located in NDSM, an industrial area and former shipyard in the north of Amsterdam. Since it became a residential and business district, new buildings are actively being constructed and the number of inhabitants is increasing. The municipality of Amsterdam is currently carrying out different studies to define the future of NDSM. Landscape architects are looking into various options to bring more greenery to the neighbourhood, and an ecological map of Amsterdam Noord is being produced to designate which zones need to be protected. 

Open Call for the exhibition: 'Hear all voices'

Deadline for Submissions: April 18th
Exhibition Dates
: June 22  to July 23, 2023

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