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Uzoma Orji

Fct Abuja

Visual Artist

Uzoma Orji is a creative technologist and visual artist from Owerri, Nigeria. As a technologist he seeks to design engaging human-centred digital experiences that bring the arts and tech into the...



Bassey Effiong Ndon is a painter, multimedia artist and art lecturer.

Pointe aux piments


The Philosophy of Akshay
 “Nature is the only master who helps to create a real piece of art, without nature the ideal art wouldn’t have exist." It’s in India at the Khairagarh University that he...
Ellis Oyekola


Dr. of Art History

I am an Artist,muralist and batik maker with a new style of painting calle Neo-Oyekolaforms. A Nigerian retired chief lecturer,gallery owner and Director, Centre for Afrikan art and Design,Awotan,...
Josh knodl

Cape Town

Art consultant

I’m an art consultant...
Ugonma Chibuzo


Fine Artist

I am a conceptual artist driven by my love for art, nature and colours. I love to tell stories, which I portray in my works, especially stories with deep feelings, spiritual significance or...