RADAR, 8 Opportunities for Artists in Mexico



RADAR is an open call for proposals. All artists can apply with no restrictions on nationality, age, thinking, technique or any other factor. The prize encourages the participation of artists of all levels.

The jury of RADAR is composed by 8 professional galleries, art spaces and art centres interested in discovering new projects to be exhibited. Each of the 8 galleries in jury will choose one artist to realize a solo show. The exhibition can be a prelude to a long-lasting collaboration (many of the artists who won the prize in Italian editions, now work permanently with the galleries that rewarded them). The galleries choose freely and autonomously their own winners and are just required to select artists with whom they had never had previous work relationships.

The panel of curators will select a winner artist who will receive a cash prizes of 250 euros to partly cover the costs of the exhibitions. The payment will be made within one month of notification of the winner.

The complete list of galleries and curators in the jury is available online at: www.radarmexico.com