Rosie Birbeck | Project Manager | Basingstoke | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Basingstoke
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: Project Manager

- About -

I’m a Fine Artist in the UK, Studied 3 years of Art at College and a two year Degree in Photography specialising in The Landscape and The notion that there is beauty in ordinary things. I currently work professionally as a Project Manager for a Global Print and Marketing Agency, helping clients manage their print materials to the best quality and standards. In my spare time I am usually out exploring, walking and visiting National Trust Gardens with my camera, I am in a local amateur netball league and do the (occasional) run to keep fit! I’ve had some significant time out of the Fine Art world but now with a focus and goal to produce, promote and sell, I hope to build my portfolio with a mix of impressionistic and Detailed Acrylic painting.