sanja | Senior graphic designer, Creative director | Berlin | Art Jobs
Country: Germany
City: Berlin
Industry: Fashion
Professional Title: Senior graphic designer, Creative director
Specialties: Fashion art direction, Digital Art, fashion illustration

- About -

SANJA STARCEVIC aka sanja star born 1982 in Croatia. Lives and works in Berlin for past three years. Visual artist, graphic designer and art director working in fields of fashion, woman empowerment & music. Her topic of research is based on the cosmic energy. Sanja loves to combine different techniques, digital and traditional, to produce completely new processes of art making. She is working in a unconventional, modern style to create visuals that represents energy and feelings of the new age. Education: London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London - Fashion and sustainability: understanding luxury fashion in a changing world University of Zagreb – Faculty of Graphic Arts, Croatia - Master’s degree - graphic design and print technology ARTIST STATEMENT My digital collages are a form to express freely. I struggled a lot in my life to fit in. I didn't want, and didn't know how, to be quiet, to be submissive. From early on I recognised the poison of this kind of woman behaviour in elder women around me so I would always be rebellious and ‘hard’.  In my work I want to present a woman full of her own uniqueness, unapologetic and not uniformed. I want to avoid any kind of feminine box (good or bad female). I’m influenced by expansion, universe and unlimitedness, going beyond, always growing and pushing your own boundaries as a human. Being in peace within yourself and with others is my ultimate goal.  My technique is a reflection of a curious soul – I am combining different techniques in a complex digital art form, sometimes static and sometimes moving ones. In my artworks end up different images from my surroundings – as brushes, textures, objects… The main character is always a woman, hand drawn or presented from an old “woman” magazine. I want to give my characters place to just be, without shrinkingness. Instagram @by.sanjastar Website: