Simon Whetham | Simon Whetham | Stalbridge | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Stalbridge
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Simon Whetham
Specialties: 10 years experiance of visual arts, Sound Art, Abstract compositions

- About -

I work with sound as I enjoy the initial exploration of a location, discovering it's characteristic and hidden sounds, and the patience this takes. This process acquaints me with many aspects of a place; physical, social, psychological. The physical quality of sound inspires and excites me. That it can be felt, but you are unable to touch it. I explore the fact that sound is energy, and I use recordings or live action to trigger motion in objects or transform a sound by playing it through various materials, resonating them. I also investigate how other energy forms, such as light, wind and water can produce or trigger sound, and vice versa how sound be used to create light and movement, at times resulting in a physical trace.