Stevie | Jeweller and Silversmith, Designer | Edinburgh | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Edinburgh
Industry: Jewelry
Professional Title: Jeweller and Silversmith, Designer
Specialties: Jewellery Design, metalwork, Silversmithing

- About -

Hardworking, enthusiastic individual who can take initiative. Work great both individually and within a team. Designing and making jewellery for more than 5 years and worked with various materials such as metals, resins and stone settings. Recently began working larger scale which I love; designing vessels, utensils and household sculptures. Greatly inspired by Japan and its culture and learning Japanese in my spare time. It's my ultimate dream to live and work in Tokyo! I also have 3 years experience with CAD design using Rhino 5 software. I love working with my hands however, it's also very exciting to create something with computer software that cannot be produced solely by hand. I have collaborated with glass artists, animators and fellow jewellers which have been valuable experiences. I was also extremely lucky to work under the supervision of master silversmiths and chasers at Hamilton & Inches. The design industry excites me and I look forward to what journey it takes me on next. I've won the John Mather Trust award in 2016 for my sole trader business proposal and the Inches Carr Trust for my hard work and dedication at university in 2018. I am currently studying Jewellery & Silversmithing at the Edinburgh College of Art and will soon be entering my 4th and final year.