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Wheeler Creek is now accepting photo submissions for possible inclusion in an upcoming publication. The theme is Animals and Wildlife. The book is set for a Fall 2021 release. This is an opportunity for photographers of any level of experience or expertise to be published in a high quality coffee table-style fine art photography book.

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"ALIVE" Online International Juried Exhibition




Gallery Ring announces a contest devoted to anything that is ALIVE.  Work that depicts living things or beings ranging from flowers to animals to humans are wanted.   2D artwork including photography/digital is eligible.  All artistic styles from realistic to experimental are welcome.  Many awards are available: Best In Show (cash prize, free-entry voucher and juror's comments), Diamond Award of Excellence, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Awards, Crystal Awards of Merit and others.  All winning artists receive a digital Award Certificate.  Top winners also receive a special, digital Award Page ideal for use in their portfolios and for sharing the news on social media and websites.  All winners and random Finalists will receive exposure and promotion on Gallery Ring's Instagram.  The contest is open to all artists worldwide over 18 years of age, from emerging to established. 


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$20 US for 1-3 pieces
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Fins, Feathers & Fur



J. Mane Gallery invites submissions for its next online juried art exhibition Fins Feathers Fur.

Animals have been a source of inspiration for many artists. From art about rural life and growth, to myths and legends, animals are used in art in many different ways. Art can help us explore our relationship to wildlife and can help us think about how we care for animals and the environment.

We invite you to submit work that best represents animals, wildlife, sea life and pets.  All artists over the age of 18, regardless of location or experience, are encouraged to submit their best art and photography.

Dates and Deadlines 

Deadline for Entries: September 22, 2020

Opening of Online Exhibition: September 29, 2020

Online Exhibition Closed & Archived: October 29, 2020 (remains on website under "Gallery Archives”)

Entry Fees

An entry fee of $20 for up to 5 images.

No more than a total of 5 images will be accepted in any one submission. An artist may enter more than once.

Payment is required at the time of entry.


IMAGE LABELING: Image should be labeled as LastName_FirstName_Title_Medium_Size.jpeg. Example: Mane_J_Untitled_Acrylic_20x30.jpg.

Acceptable Mediums & Sizes

Painting, drawing, pastels, inks, pencil, encaustic, photography, mixed media and digital art. Both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art is accepted.


Cash awards may be given to the top three (3) winners.

The First Place winner will be the Featured Artists on the website for the duration of the exhibition. Winners will receive extensive online publicity and promotion.

Depending on the number and quality of all submissions received, Honorable Mention awards may also be given.

Winning artists will receive a digital award certificate.

The artists will be promoted on the website, in online press releases to hundreds of outlets, in online event calendars, art news websites, and through the gallery’s extensive social media outlets.

Links to the artist's website will be listed on the exhibition page and should result in increased traffic to the artist's website.

J. Mane Gallery's objective is to promote the artists, worldwide, to art professionals, galleries, collectors and buyers.

J. Mane Gallery utilizes the Submittable platform to receive, process and jury all competition entries.

Artists who submit an entry and images to J. Mane Gallery must agree to J. Mane Gallery's Terms Of Service, and Competition Rules.



Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$20 for 5 images
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About Animals: An ART SHOW





The Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center is looking for artists and activists who make art about animals to submit their work to a show at our Liz Long Gallery this Summer.

New and non-traditional artists are encouraged to apply!

We are interested in art about animals in their natural habitat, animals who aid and love people, the struggle of animals to remain on earth, humor about animals, the beauty of animals and the relationship of animals to each other and nature.

TO BE CONSIDERED FOR OUR 2019 PROGRAM:  Submit your art for consideration via email to Indicate the shows for which you'd like to be considered, and we will follow up with details!

February/March: Women Speak Up About Important Issues
April/May: International Artists
June/July: About Animals
August/December: Represented Artists Featured (and other shows as appropriate)

Check out our Facebook page to find out more about the rest of our programs and workshops!



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Women Artists: Speak Out About the Issues!





Women Artists Speak Out About the Issues!


February & March 2019

Liz Long Gallery

1957 S. Spaulding Ave. at 21st   

Chicago, Illinois   60623

In addition to other subjects of interest to women, artists ARE ENCOURAGED to create and submit art that tells a story about violence against women & girls - whether in the past or current. We gather art for display that shows how violence against women & girls is happening now, and how it's use in the past, shows how women have been controlled through fear.

Rape keeps women from going outside and having a full life. Domestic violence keeps women in abusive relationships and away from their own personal power. Honor killings keep women from leading full lives & having options. These are just a few ways that women are controlled by violence.

Women need to continue to speak up and let their voices be heard. Men who support women need to get on board. Women need platforms for their opinions and their voices to be heard. This art show will allow viewers to discuss what they see, and what the status of women's & girls lives are like.

During the art show, we will offer art workshops to make art about issues women are particularly concerned about.


Right now these are the shows coming up:                   

February/March: Women Speak Up About Important Issues              

April/May: International Artists                                                  

June/July: About Animals

August/December: Represented artists (and other shows as appropriate)

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Contemporary Art Gallery Online Announces an International Call for Artists to Participate in the fifth Annual “ALL Animal” Competition & Exhibition.




Contemporary Art Gallery Online announces their 5th Annual International 2018 “ALL Animals” Online Art Competition to be held from July 16th, 2018 to August 12th, 2018.  Contemporary Art Gallery Online encourages entries from all 2D and 3D artists regardless of their experience or education in the art field.  A group exhibition of all entrants will be held online at Contemporary Art Gallery Online from August 14th, 2018 to September 11th, 2018.  Artists should submit their best non-representational art related to the “All Animal” theme.  This competition will be judged on Painting/Drawing, Photography/Digital Art, and Mixed Media/3D art.  Awards will be given for the top 5 to 8 works selected, (this will depend on the number of submissions in each category).   In addition to the winning images, depending on the amount and the quality of the entries received, Honorable Recognition awards will also be presented.  Winners will be announced on August 28th, 2018.  Entry Fee:  $15 for up to three images and $25 for up to five images.  Funds in US Dollars.

Prizes include Memberships to Contemporary Art Gallery Online, Extensive Marketing and much more.

To read the complete Prospectus:

Fee Detail: 
$15 for up to three images and $25 for up to five images. Funds in US Dollars.


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