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International Floral Art Contest 2024 Artbook

We are excited to announce a call for art to the Floral Art Competition.
We invite all artists who produce in oil painting, watercolour, acrylic, gouche, crayons, ink, ecoline, oil pastels and soft pastels to participate in our art contest and art book publishing program. Artists, worldwide, are invited to submit their best art depicting bouquet, flowers and flower gardens, fields in realistic style. Entry rules is in the file at link.

The Gallery at Green Door Studio 1st Annual 5x5 Exhibit

The Gallery At Green Door Studio is happy to announce its first Call for Art! The 1st Annual 5x5 Show is now accepting submissions from artists ages 5 years and up! All artwork submitted will be put on display for the annual show, * exceptions apply. Are you an artist looking for a unique opportunity to show your work in a gallery? Are you an accomplished artist looking to reach a new audience? Are you the parent of a young artist who would be motivated and inspired to see their work on the walls of an art gallery? This is your chance to do it! We look forward to presenting a vibrant, eclectic and meaningful body of art for the public. Please see the rules and guidelines below. 



We are delighted to announce an exciting open call for artists from all walks of life to explore the captivating world of "Concept." In this extraordinary exhibition, we invite you to dive deep into the realms of imagination, introspection, and intellectual curiosity, as we seek to unravel the enigmatic power of concepts and their profound impact on our collective consciousness.

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