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Art League of Long Island Resident Artist Membership 2022-2023






The Resident Artist Membership is an opportunity for 4 Long Island based visual and interdisciplinary
artists to develop their craft at the Art League of Long Island. Become a leader in a creative
community that has thrived for over 65 years!

Utilize the Art League’s state-of-the-art studios and extensive offerings of classes to expand your skill
set. This is a great opportunity for those artists who are interested in finding mentorship, learning a
new medium, and developing the skills and confidence to teach. The Artist Residency Membership
will culminate in the opportunity to teach a One Day Workshop that is open to the general public
alongside Art League students and members.

The Resident Artist Membership includes the following benefits:

● 50 free hours of class time per semester- Participants will be able to attend up to 50 hours

of instructed class time each semester for the duration of the Artist Resident Membership.

Classes must reach minimum enrollment, and may not exceed maximum enrollment in order to

be eligible for this offer. Resident Artist Members will be required to pay in full for additional

instructed class time hours that exceed the provided 50 hours.

● Opportunity to teach a one-day workshop in the Fall of 2023- Use the education during

your year of study at the Art League to design a one-day workshop that expresses your point

of view and strengths as an artist through teachable skills. Resident Artist Members are

encouraged to teach their Fall one-day workshops in the mediums they specialize while

incorporating skills learned in their year of study.

● Ability to Schedule use of Open Studio Hours- hours in which studios are unused.

● Free admission to ticketed Art League events and lectures

● Access to the Lorraine Graves Grace Memorial Library- of over 2,500 art books.

● Promotion of you and your work on the Art League website and social media

● Free entry into the annual Member’s Exhibition at the Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery- all

members are guaranteed acceptance into this yearly exhibition.

● Year-round use of strolling gallery to exhibit and promote work- pieces on display in the

strolling gallery will cycle through each class semester.


The Resident Artist Membership is a one-year membership to the Art League of Long Island that lasts

from September 1, 2022 - August 31, 2023.


Non-refundable Application Fee: $55*

Application period: May 1, 2022 - June 30, 2022

Applications may only be submitted online. See below for details.


Cost of artist residency for selected artists: $300**

Artists selected for the Resident Artist Membership will be expected to take on a leadership role in

community building at the Art League and integrate with our student body. Resident Artist Members

will be required to:

● Volunteer at the Art League for a minimum of 6 hours per month- Resident Artist

Members are required to volunteer at the Art League for a minimum of 6 hours per month

throughout their residency to build art-related skills in gallery planning, art business

administration, social media management, and more. The application of volunteer hours will

vary by month depending on what projects are being developed by the Art League


● Maintain a blog on the Art League website- Document your experience and growth as a

Resident Artist Member here at the Art League - in class and beyond - through monthly blog

posts. Share about your work, your process, and what you’ve been learning and creating.

● Work toward teaching a one-day workshop- during the semester immediately following the

completion of your membership (Fall 2023). This will include submitting a workshop proposal

and drafting a syllabus.

● Attend Resident Artist Membership meetings- (schedule TBD)

*Artists who are not selected for this exclusive opportunity will receive a one-year individual membership to the
Art League of Long Island. Click here to find out more about membership benefits.
**Artist Residency fees do not include materials. The Art League does not provide living accommodations or
private studios for Resident Artist Members

The prospectus is posted online at www.artleagueli.org/resident-artist-membership
Applications may only be submitted online through Smarter Entry at

The Art League of Long Island is a not-for-profit visual arts organization providing a full schedule of
classes, workshops, exhibits, and events for Long Islanders since 1955. The Art League of Long
Island is located at 107 East Deer Park Road in Dix Hills, just off exit 42N of the Northern State
Parkway. For more information visit www.artleagueli.org or call (631) 462-5400.

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Comunidad: A Hispanic/ Latinx Heritage Month Exhibition & Residency Opportunity





Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 to October 15, celebrates the histories, cultures and contributions of Hispanic Americans whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America or other regions that identify with the aforementioned cultures. To celebrate the vibrant and diverse communities we serve, Blue Line Arts will host an exhibition open to Latin and Hispanic artists whose works celebrate or reference their cultural backgrounds, or engage with contemporary political and social issues through their unique cultural lens.

Blue Line Arts recognizes that Hispanic and Latin artists have been historically underrepresented at our institution, and are committed to furthering inclusivity and equity in the gallery. We recognize that many distinct peoples and cultures exist within the broad nomenclature of ‘Hispanic’ and ‘Latin’, and wish to be inclusive of these cultures without conflating or being reductive. We encourage all artists who identify as Hispanic, Latinx, Chicanx, whose ancestors hail from Central or South America, Spain, Mexico, the Carribean, any of the indigenous tribes of South and Central America, or any other regions that identify with these cultures to apply.

Prize summary: 
Cash Prizes avaliable!
Prizes Details: 

Cash Prizes:
$500 - 1st Place
$300 - 2nd Place
$100 - 3rd Place
$100 - People’s Choice Award


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$25 Application Fee
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+359 Gallery International Resident Program





International resident program

Gallery +359 is located in the building of a preserved water tower in Sofi­a, Bulgaria. It was designed in 1903 by the German engineer Franz Salbach, and the structure was finished in 1929. 27 meters tall, it was built at the highest point of the Lozenets district in So­fia (610.40 m), based on a French system for construction of water towers with reinforced concrete and brick masonry. The tower’s tank, now hosting various video and audio projects, has a volume of 100 cubic meters. In the past, apart from being a hydraulic structure, the architecture of the building permitted it to serve as a watchtower.

The residency provides a working stay in Sofi­a from two weeks to a month, at the invitation of the gallery, to create a site-speci­c project for the Water tower space. The stay will be split in two parts, the speci­cs of which depend on the artistic practice of the resident - a research period and a production period. Within the Resident Program, the artist will make a presentation of his or hers work to the public and will draw up an exhibition plan. The date of the presentation will be decided according to the exhibition schedule and the artist’s possibility to stay. Gallery +359 will provide a studio, will cover the travel expenses, as well as production costs for the exhibition, as the budget will vary depending on the project. The artist will donate a work for the contemporary art collection of Gallery +359.

Provided for the artists:


travel expenses

working studio for the production period (if needed)

production expenses (up to 1500€)

curatorial and technical assistance

communication in relation to the event (design, printing, distribution of mediа)

Residency period:

June-July 2021: Research and Production period OR June-July 2021: Research period and additional production period before the exhibition

The application files must include the following:

Outline of a project proposal

CV (up to 4 pages)

Portfolio and/or publications with a selection of 3–5 relevant projects (PDF)

Candidates are requested to send their applications before  December 31, 2020 by email or Wetransfer to the following address: irp@plus359gallery.com


Entry Fee:

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Your Art Residency in Argentina!





The Residencia Corazón – Artist in Residency (A-I-R) Program was initiated in 2006. Its main objective engenders the creation of a personalized and independent exchange among regional, national and international artists. It allows for mutual enrichment through professional and emotive approaches for new experiences and aesthetic realities. The resident / visiting artists enjoy a dynamic and vibrant time frame for working; they have a studio and living space at their disposal to complete their projects. They also network with and within the local art community, cultural institutions and the public at large.
Residencia Corazón offers a complete international Artist in Residency Program. Each artist, curator or writer receives exclusive and highly-personalised support from the Residencia Corazón team.
Our project is characterized by trying a close, intimate relationship with each resident, proposing that the stay transcends the artistic purpose and that their journey is printed as a learning adventure that they will treasure throughout their lives.

Duration of residency

15 days onwards, artists can choose their stay. But our A.i.R. Program 1 (with exhibition), the minimum period required is one month.


Our house is yours. Residencia Corazón provides individual room as well as an artist studio and gallery.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Open to emerging and established artists from all disciplines within the visual arts. It is also open to emerging and established writers & curators from all disciplines – from novelists, non-fiction writers, screenwriters to playwrights. Personal asssistance.

Studio / Workspace

Thanks to the configuration of the space, artists are able combine their stay and production within the same residence and in great conditions. Our house has 3 workspace. Also because its large size, many artists choose to work in their room.

Fees and support

We have a FEE. Residencia Corazón is an independent project with institutional support but we are currently unable to provide financial support for visiting artists. For artists applying for grants and scholarships in their home country Residencia Corazón can provide official documents and letters of invitation as necessary.Residencia Corazon has the institutional support of the National Culture Secretary, Cultural Institute of the Province of Buenos Aires, the Town Council of La Plata and the National University of La Plata.

Expectations towards the artist

Each artist, curator or writer receives exclusive and highly-personalised support from the RC team.The Residencia Corazón team provides support for all aspects of the residency from:- assistance in navigating La Plata and its surrounds- finding local resources-curators- information about daily life as well as the local arts scene- assistance with research, production and post-production of work.3 differents Programs:Program 1: with a solo exhibitionPrograms 2 & 3 Recommended for artist-curators-writers who wish to develop research-investigation projects or works in progress without the opportunity to exhibit.


Entry Fee:

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London, United Kingdom

*For Berlin, Germany Residency Programming please visit us here for more information: 


***London, UK Autumn 2019-2 (1 Month Program) Deadline: 26 JUN 2019***

London, United Kingdom Autumn 2019 Residency Cohort 2 (1 Month Program): 24 OCT 2019 - 24 NOV 2019

The CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF SUBSTRUCTURED LOSS is now accepting applications for our last scheduled residency programming cohort of 2019. Artists, researchers, and other arts professionals are encouraged to apply (subject to capacity).

The artist-in-residence candidates are selected annually through an open call application process or in some cases, by invitation. The program supports emerging and established artistic professionals/researchers working in any medium/discipline. Residents can continue with existing projects or undertake new research.

The residency program encourages experimentation and the development of multi/interdisciplinary studio work grounded in research within the field of grief and bereavement. The work can encompass and explore varying physical and emotional processes (or loss) that people undergo.

Previous residents and collaborators have undertaken both theoretical-historical and practice-led projects working with, but not limited to the following subject matter: the aging process and the elderly; cancer, disease, and terminal illness; sex work and sexual assault; abortion and miscarriage; suicide and survivorship; mental illness, mental health, and trauma; spousal and familial loss; and associated grief and bereavement-centered themes etc.

Participants are expected to present their findings when the residency program concludes.

The residency aims to provide working artistic professionals with a platform for research and production; one that may lead to expanded possibilities, collaboration, a broader network, and possibly new works. 

We accept applications in English only, to accommodate our international jury members. However, language proficiency is not a criteria for evaluation by the jury unless it directly relates to the chosen discipline/practice. Applications are assessed and chosen by a jury on the basis of merit, and the ability the CENTRE has to support the proposed research or project. 

The application form and all applicable attachments must be submitted by email.

For more information and to apply please review the Residency Guide and submit an Application Form by visiting:

Applied Grief and Bereavement Research
Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Studio

Contact & Links: 

Call for applications for the HISK programme





Deadline: June 20, 2019 

The Higher Institute for Fine Arts is a post-graduate institute that combines art residency and individualized support with thorough advanced studies in the arts. The HISK provides young artists from Belgium and abroad with a workspace and pedagogical guidance for a duration of two years.
Visual artists from all countries working with any medium are welcome to apply for the programme. Artist duos are accepted. 

The strength of the HISK is its unique model of cross-fertilisation of visiting lectureships, studio visits, exhibitions, Open Studios, seminars, master classes, public lectures, technical workshops, study trips within Belgium and abroad, etc. that are devised to respond to the artists’ needs. The HISK provides a safe haven for experiment and research with a flexible structure.

Artists who have already obtained a Master degree in Fine Arts or an equivalent qualification are eligible to apply to the HISK. Exceptions can be made for applicants who do not have a Master degree but whose artistic trajectory evidences a high level of development, motivation and artistic affinity. Participants are expected to show a strong commitment to conducting critical research within their respective fields of interest. 

Artists who are interested in theory, scientific research and in future development of a PhD in the arts are also welcome to apply.

The selected artists are expected to fully commit to the programme, be present and participate in the activities offered by the HISK. This interaction is seen as an important forum of exchange and development. 

The HISK offers a two-year, full-time programme, which starts on January 1, 2020 and ends on December 31, 2021.

For conditions and more information, visit the HISK website.

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