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Laugh, Love & Live with Dementia




Love, Laugh & live with dementia

The Magic Mad Hat offers a monthly session, introducing you to Laugh, love & live with Dementia - a simple & effective way of combining caring for yourself with the joy of caring for others, especially for those with Dementia.

Inspired and trained by Gesundheit! (Patch Adams), Clown one Italia, Clown One Japan as well as by many Improvised comedy & Clown teachers from London and the United States, Gudrun has established a joyful way of caring interaction while rekindle and deepen you love for yourself and the people you care for.

The seminar is 3 hours long and will include three, distinctive modules:
• Enjoy and love yourself,
• How to have fun with dementia patient, where you will be able to find out how does it feel to be “blocked”
• How to deepen your connection with dementia patient.

The workshop is highly interactive and will require your involvement in games, exercises and use of simple clowning and theatrical improvisation techniques to reinforce the connection with your inner self as well as with person affected by dementia.

When: Friday 17th of February 2017, 7.15pm - 10.15pm

Where: The Millman Street Community Center; 50 Millman Street (entrance between numbers 34–36), London, WC1N 3EW

Entrance is only £10.00

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