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Statue Commission Opportunity




A campaign has been launched to install the first statue of a black woman in one of Liverpool’s most iconic buildings.

To mark International Women’s Day, St George’s Hall Charitable Trust has announced its intention to install a statue of Mary Seacole in the Great Hall – a woman believed to be Britain’s first nurse practitioner who devoted her time to nursing soldiers during the Crimean War.

The trustees believe this statue will not only pay tribute to the heroine, but it will also act as a ‘thank you’ to the NHS and the extraordinary scarifies they have made in keeping everyone safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A call out to artists is now open to apply to be considered to take on the role of creating a marble portrait statue that will take pride of place in the stunning Great Hall.  

The Mary Seacole statue will be the second female represented in St George’s Hall – the first was of pioneering health campaigner Kitty Wilkinson which was installed in 2012. There are currently 13 statues in total in the Great Hall.

Prize summary: 
To feature artwork in St George's Hall as a fully commissioned statue

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Free to enter
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Commission for Artist aged 18-24




As part of our commitment to support the next generation of creative talent 2Faced Dance are offering one young maker or collective of young makers, the opportunity to create a new work as part of the company’s Spring 21 season.  

If you’re a young artist aged 18-24, working in any form or medium and currently based in the UK and you have an idea involving up to 5 dancers then this is for you. The result could be an exhibition, film, performance or installation.

What we are offering:

  • A commissioning fee of £3000
  • A project budget of £800 for any set, props, costume, licensing etc.
  • Up to 15 days of free rehearsal space
  • Use of up to 5 professional dancers from 2Faced Dance
  • Marketing and Project Support

The process and product must be able to be delivered in a Covid Secure manner. Please think about this when making your application.

Prize summary: 
£3000 (plus £800 budget for any set, props, costume, licensing etc.)
Prizes Details: 

A commissioning fee of £3000 plus a project budget of £800 for any set, props, costume, licensing etc.


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Call for Artists




Call for artist collaborator with Chloe Dewe Mathews and The Ballad of Peckham Rye 
February – April 2020 (9 hours)  Honorarium: £150 Please note the honorarium is for the initial time required to develop a collaborative proposal.  
The Project 

Since 2013 artist Chloe Dewe Mathews has developed a body of work that explores the urban environment of the London Borough of Southwark and its rich community of African churches. Sunday Service (2013), commissioned by Tate Modern, explored the reinvention of architectural space in the urban environment, cataloguing a rapid shift from industrial to religious space, while its companion piece, Congregation (2015), looked more closely at the collective religious experience and the nature of expressive worship. Many of Dewe Mathews’s projects take years of preparation, however this body of work is unique in that it represents a sustained engagement with the specifics of her local area and its communities over an extended period.  

Dewe Mathews initially produced Sunday Service as a response to the remarkable fact that in 2011 Southwark had the highest density of African Christianity anywhere in the world outside Africa. Five years on, Dewe Mathews is interested to return to this subject and has been working with Dr. Andrew Rogers (Principal Lecturer in Practical Theology) at Roehampton University on new research that suggests the African population is now moving east, away from Southwark. Peckham has been going through the process of gentrification for over a decade and much anecdotal evidence from church leaders suggests that issues finding space are more keenly felt within the community than ever.  

TBOPR are seeking to commission Dewe Mathews to develop a new work that would use the research and questions posed in Sunday Service and Congregation as a starting point, from which to examine the specific nature of Pentecostal worship in Peckham today. As part of the commission we are seeking to develop a collaborative partnership with an artist whose practice explores similar themes and/or has a connection to local communities in Southwark, to ensure this project brings a necessary and relevant response to Peckham’s changing religious landscape. We envisage the collaboration will result in a co-authored work made in discussion with TBOPR and other members of the community. 

Sunday Service

Sunday Service (2013) C-type print photographic series, 150 x 120 cm and 76 x 61 cm  Sunday Service was commissioned by Tate Modern in 2013. The work was exhibited in the McAulay Gallery, Tate Modern, 28 May – 13 July 2014 and was accompanied by a free publication. 

Located in small industrial estates, opposite railway stations, on busy high streets, in former office blocks and bingo halls, in 2011 there were said to be 240 African churches in the south London borough of Southwark, more than double the number of other types of churches in the area. Research by Roehampton University suggested that this represented the greatest concentration of African Christianity in the world outside of Africa. Sunday Service explored the reinvention of architectural space in the urban environment, cataloguing a rapid shift from industrial to religious space, in this pocket of South London. The series combined portraits of people who use and have repurposed the buildings, with photographs of the spaces themselves, which act like collaged records of a local history. 

Congregation (2015)  
Three-channel video installation, commissioned by Tate Modern, first shown in 2015 at Bosse & Baum, Copeland Park Industrial Estate, London. With sound by Coby Sey. Duration: 08:57 Link here: Password - Congregation 

Congregation is a three-channel video installation exploring collective religious experience and the nature of expressive worship in south London’s African churches. The nine-minute piece, featuring a number of Pentecostal churches in Peckham and Camberwell, combines intimate footage of personal reflection, with large-scale shots of communal ecstasy. In a departure from her practice at the time, Dewe Mathews used moving imagery and sound, rather than still photography, to respond to the dynamic and multi-layered church experience. 

Dewe Mathews said: “I became increasingly interested in the range of spiritual experiences that people were going through on any given Sunday. It’s the fascinating question of how personal experience becomes something else when in a group - a collective experience. How we all influence each other, affect each other and feed off each other. I'm intrigued by congregations as a whole, sometimes performative, other times contemplative but each week a slightly different collective character emerges and it’s more than the sum of its parts.

Congregation was commissioned by Tate Modern and the first screening of the video installation was hosted by Bosse & Baum, a gallery based in an industrial estate on the site of a former church in Peckham. The video footage was projected directly onto the warehouse walls, referencing the building’s history as well as the strong audio visual presence in many of the churches she was working in. The original soundtrack was created by Coby Sey, using recordings made during church services.


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Portobello Wall Public Art Project: 2019 Comission




Portobello Wall Public Art Project

The Portobello Wall Public Art Project is an annual public art commission for a stretch of brick wall linking two of the most vibrant and well known market areas in London: Portobello Road and Golborne Road. Since the introduction of this project in 2009, successful installations have created a visual link between these two unique markets, and attract over 1.3 million visitors each year.

The budget for the commission is £11,000 inclusive of all artists’ fees, materials, labour and outreach programme costs.

This 100-metre long stretch of wall has proved an ideal setting to promote the work of local artists and encourage visitors to continue their journeys further up Portobello Road to the vibrant Golborne area.

Find out more about the history of the project here.

2019 Commission Brief

THEME: This is the twelfth commission for the Portobello Wall Art Project, with the following theme: Rhythm and Sound. From the dance-steps and steel-pan beats of Notting Hill Carnival to the bustle and banter of Portobello and Golborne Road markets; from momentous performances at the Tabernacle to the original Rough Trade Record shop; Rhythm and Sound is woven into the rich cultural heritage, identity and place of North Kensington. We are looking for an engaging art installation that creatively interprets the theme, drawing inspiration from the distinctive and diverse nature of the area.

Proposals should include ideas for potential outreach events complementing the installation. These could include artists’ talks or tours, school workshops, in situ and in other locations in North Kensington. Prospective and confirmed partner organisations should be mentioned where applicable.

DEADLINE: Midnight Sunday 12 May 2019

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Thermae Bath Spa is offering a £7,500 commission to produce 9 works which will be installed in the busy restaurant in June 2019. Thermae welcomes approximately 285,000 visitors through the building per year. Thermae are looking for work that is inspired by the natural thermal waters and promotes holistic wellbeing. The waters are a key reason for Bath being designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and being credited as one of the Great Spas of Europe.  In the heart of the World Heritage Site, Thermae Bath Spa is a remarkable combination of ‘old and new’ where historic spa buildings blend with the contemporary design of the New Royal Bath.

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Litmus Open Call: Parts 4 & 5




Litmus  is an exhibition and development programme offering curatorial and practical support for five early career artists based in Wales and the Welsh Borders to research, develop and present new work at Oriel Davies.

Artists are invited to submit applications for either part 4: Litmus Residency or part 5: Litmus Commission.

Litmus is based in our third exhibition space, which is a small yet adaptable space that measures 158cm (w) x 212cm (l) x 219cm (h). Whilst we’re anchoring the programme here, artists are encouraged to submit applications that consider other spaces/places in Oriel Davies (whether physical or digital), and the surrounding area.

Artists are encouraged to submit applications showing ambition, experimentation and creative risk taking as part of a commitment to developing their creative practice.

What’s on Offer?

Litmus Residency

You are invited to propose how, through this opportunity, you might open out an area of research or a new aspect, project or development within your practice. The Litmus Residency is an opportunity for time and space to explore emergent strands of practice.

A residency based from our third exhibition space. Residency dates: 09 December 2017-27 January 2018.

Curatorial and practical dialogue and support from Litmus Curator Louise Hobson, Oriel Davies Curator Alex Boyd Jones and the wider gallery team.

A fee of £600 and an additional budget of £400 for travel, accommodation and expenses.

Litmus Commission

You are invited to propose how, through this opportunity, you might crystallise your current research, focus your practice and develop new work. The Litmus Commission is an opportunity to test out an idea and bring into reality the next stage of your practice.

An exhibition in our third exhibition space. Exhibition dates: 10 February-11 April 2018.

Curatorial and practical dialogue and support from Litmus Curator Louise Hobson, Oriel Davies Curator Alex Boyd Jones and the wider gallery team.

A fee of £600 and an additional budget of £400 for production, materials and expenses.

Who Can Apply?

Artists based in Wales and the Welsh Borders - Litmus aims to support artists from a wide geographic spread across Wales and the bordering Counties (Cheshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire).

As an organisation that seeks to support artists from all backgrounds, Oriel Davies welcomes applications from BAME artists and also those artists who identify as disabled.

Artists making work in any media - Litmus aims to support artists with a range of practices and artistic approaches.

Early career artists - selected artists will be in the process of establishing their creative/professional practice.

We are looking for those who will benefit the most from the Litmus Programme and the support and dialogue on offer.

How to Apply
Please apply by downloading and completing the Litmus Open Call Parts 4 & 5 Application Form, which asks for the following:

Tell us whether you are applying for the Litmus Commission or the Litmus Residency.

Introduce yourself and your practice (max 200 words)

Outline how you propose to use this opportunity including ideas and starting points (max 400 words)

Tell us what informs your practice, how this project may enable you to develop your practice and support your personal and/or professional development (max 400 words)

Attach your CV (max two pages A4)

Attach one PDF of up to 6 images and/or up to four web links (to sound files or videos) to show examples of your work

Download, complete and attach our Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form 

Key Dates

Closing date for applications: Thursday 05 October, 10pm

Artists notified of interview: Thursday 12 October 2017

Artist interviews at Oriel Davies, Newtown: Wednesday 18 October 2017

Successful artists notified: Friday 20 October 2017



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