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The TanzLabor Ulm - ResearchLab residency facilitates German and European based choreographers to create and premier a dance work. We provide studio space, a stage to perform, travel costs, 3 weeks local accommodation for up to 5 artists and a co-production budget of 3500 euros to create and premier a new work.

Through a national/international open call the selected 'dance makers' are invited to co-produce the work they create in the ResearchLab, and premier it in our PerformanceLab program.

The ResearchLab powers imagination through dance, it champions innovative ideas and embraces risks. By creating optimal conditions for dance artists and establishing a dialogue with our audiences through open rehearsals, the ResearchLab provides greater awareness of the limitless potentials that dance has to connect and inspire.

ResearchLab 3: 15.09.21 with the Premier taking place on the 06.10.21
ResearchLab 4: 09.11.21 with the Premier taking place on the 01.12.21

These dates are subject to change.

DEADLINE: 31.05.2021

We will announce the selected candidates on our website and through our social media channels by the 30.06.2021

Instagram: TanzLabor.Ulm

You may full out your application in German or English.

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Co-production support of 3500 euros

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